🇮🇹 Aronchi's NO FEE Jan Alfa - '23 Stelvio Veloce $593 | Giulia Veloce $576 | $3500 Loyalty Available [Tristate Only]

Pm me vin and miles please

Hi, any stelvio veloce ready to go?

a ton, send me a pm please with location and details of what you’re looking for

1/24 - updated for Jan. Good progs if you’re returning an Alfa lease. $3500 loyalty would apply then. Otherwise, $750 conquest (included in the calcs) available for most luxury brands.

When reaching out, please list:

  1. Name & ZIP
  2. Model Preferences (including trims, colors, etc)
  3. Mileage
  4. Any rebates (i.e. grad, military)
  5. Any lease return? If no, can you pick up in-store?