🇰🇷 Aronchi's May KIA Deals - $107 Niro EV / $4100 OP! | $194 Forte LXS! Telly S $410! [Tristate and DMV]

I contacted you 3 times about KIA NIRO but I haven’t heard back from you. If you dont have this deal anymore, you should delete your post. Dont waste ppl time

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sounds like someone isn’t getting a car…

If you treat your customers like this, you are losing customers for sure… people are aware now.


people have been aware for years, sir. given that our operation is 1 person, many inquiries slip through the cracks. at this time, we’re mostly handling repeat clients, due to a very sizable maturity wave from 3 years ago. this is preventing us from getting to all inquiries. for new inquiries, we are being extremely selective so as to maximize the use of our time.

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This isn’t a perfect process but I’d take it any day over having to email/call 20+ dealers and haggle for hours and hours…

Welcome to LH. Quite often you’ll encounter less than ideal interactions with brokers.