🇺🇲 Aronchi's May Caddy/Lincoln - Lyriq RWDs starting at $227/month w rebates! [TRISTATE/DMV]

Ok, good to know. A base awd is all we would need but sounds like its a no go for leases. Thanks!

White, Base aviator. Can u price for me to lease thanks

I’m in NY


Feel free to send an inquiry at 732-779-2587

3/5 Lincoln updated for March with some extremely cheap Corsair and 2023 Nautiluses, as well as a good amount of 2023 base aviators that come in fairly cheap, for what you get.

23 Nautilus $50k msrp - $389 plus taxes and fees

23 Base $42k msrp corsair - $389 plus taxes and fees

23 Base aviator $60k msrp - $633 plus taxes and fees

Good inventory, even better service. You get to do your paperwork w me.

Text us at 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us


Any deals on the 24 Nautilus?

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Will have 3 payments left after April 2, does Lincoln offer pull-aheads? Currently have 2021 Corsair…located in PA.

if you text me tomorrow with vin and miles, maybe can assist.

Are Ford/Lincoln incentives based upon dealer region or registration region? And do these prices (either in discount or in incentives section) include the conquest and/or A/X/D/Z plan cash incentive?

these are below all of the plan discounts.

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Thanks. I was wondering if the conditional rebates are additional or are included in your dealer discount. They appear to be “rebates” as opposed to a lower X-plan price.

23 Navigator Black label $115k sticker, 12k off MSRP PLUS 6k of rebate (everyone gets).

Text us at 732-779-2587

Any April updates for 2023 Corsair? Have 3 payments remaining on 2021 Corsair

Worse than march. 23 inventory just about gone

5/13 - We have about a dozen Caddy Lyriq RWDs that we have to move. Easy NJ pickup. Calcs below include $3k conquest (AUDI, BMW, FORD, GENESIS, LEXUS, LINCOLN, MERCEDES-BENZ, POLESTAR, RIVIAN, TESLA, VOLVO), $1k COSTCO, and $1k GM EV supplier.

  1. Lyriq Tech 1 RWD - $227 w 3k due for NJ residents
  1. Lyriq Luxury 1 RWD $305 w 3k due for NJ residents
  1. Lyriq Sport 1 RWD $313 w 3k due for NJ residents

Submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us or text us at 732-779-2587 to inquire.


Any deals on Sport AWD ? Or only RWD ?

logic would dictate that if they were available, they’d be posted.


You are kidding right? This can’t be a real question…


Can you quote me for that rwd lyriq 24/12k with 0 down and just 1st month DAS plus your fees. Im located in NJ.

these sold out at the end of last week.

Oh ok thanks, let me know if you get another one.