🇺🇲 Aronchi's MAKE LINCOLN GREAT AGAIN DEALS! Well Below Invoice Navigators, Aviators, Nautilus, Corsairs! [TRISTATE]

2/16: Giving Lincoln a shot for the first time on LH. Not a brand you see here, at all, but I’m sure there are people shopping for Aviator and Navigators (and getting quoted $1300 a month), especially at well under invoice! Lincoln deals are Tristate area, PA, MD, DE, VA only.

I have included the cheapest MSRP I have in the price sheet and based it off of rebates for an NJ zip code. Incentives vary by zip.

These are all run off a 7500 mile option. You can do Lincolns at 5,000 miles/year, too, which will save 1% of MSRP / 36 months.

Please include the following when reaching out:

  1. Name & zip
  2. Model, trim, color, mileage. Even better if you include a link from any dealer of a car that works
  3. Do you have a lincoln currently? Are you military / first responder?
  4. Budget expectations

Please PM or text 732-779-2587. Lincoln broker fee is $499.


So you have 4 states in this “tristate area,” none of which are NJ, but you based your prices on NJ. lol. Am I crazy or is there maybe a mistake here? :wink:

I think he means tristate + the other 4 states

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I thought about that, but then I don’t know what tristate is if it doesn’t include PA.

NY/NJ/CT I thought


the tristate area is not PA lol. it’s NY/NJ/CT

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how the heck is that a tristate? lol. That’s like … I dunno… a linear collection? hahah.
I’ve heard folks from different places call things the “tristate area.” Where I grew up in central NJ, it was always PA, NJ, NY … cause, ya know, it makes a triangle. ;b

thats not right lol. the tristate area is ny/nj/ct…it’s the NYC MSA.


Pennsylvania is not a state.


ANYWAY, glad to see Lincoln represented. Now go get some Caddy deals and you’ll have the senior citizen leasehackrs locked up.

Seriously, I do want another Caddy, although I’m not nearly a senior citizen yet.


you need to add “BEST DEAL ON LH!”


I should put “ONLY DEAL ON LH”…


You know, if you’re the only Lincoln broker, then you actually could legitimately claim to have the best lincoln deals on LH.


exactly my point! These are literally the best deals on Lincolns on LH!


Sadly, they’re also the worst Lincolns on LH. Gotta step up your game @aronchi if you don’t want to be the bottom of the pile. Ha!

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unfortunately, '77 continentals lost lease support last month.


Can I get the MF and RV for the '08 Town Car? Thanks :laughing:

All jokes aside, they’re beautiful cars.


Only 1 left in French Silk, 5% residual.

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Damn that is one hairy arm.