🇯🇵 Aronchi's June NO FEE ACURA - TLX Tech $430, Aspc AWD $469 | MDX Tech $583, type s $899 (10% off!) | [NYC TRISTATE]

5/3 - Acura updated for May and June. MDX basically the same (we have no bases to sell and techs are very limited, so do not wait). RDXs are about $10/month cheaper, and integras are the same (we have very few of those).

Of note, we are starting the month very deep on TLXs. 10% off on bases and aspecs before loyalty. This pricing will not last, so do not wait. We will be raising it very soon.

Base $399 plus taxes and fees

Aspec FWD $459 plus taxes and fees

Aspec AWD $484 plus taxes and fees

www.aronchi.com or text 732-779-2587


any advance packages available? @aronchi

Holy crap! 25+% off msrp on the MDX. I guess with the 2020 redesign right around the corner… But this is still a great deal, especially with all the taxes included.

Is the offered MDX Tech AWD or FWD ?

are the offers same for buying too or just leasing?

Updated with 2020 MDXs and TLX

I was told that the rebates on the MDX Tech is up to $6500 now. Just curious to know if know anything about that. If so, would that help with your deal?

Do you have any base RDX available?

Hello! Pm’d you for some quotes!

I’m intesrested in a 2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech Package for a 12K/36 months. Can i get some lease quotes please?

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Wow and I thought I got a great deal on a 2019 earlier MDX tech earlier in the year from Aronchi. Why get a high trim Pilot when you can get the MDX tech. When I worked with him it took less than 30 min to pickup the car.

@aronchi PM-ed you for some quotes

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Saw this TLX deal and suggested it to a friend who will test drive one this week and I will send you a PM if they like it. What’s the current stock levels? They aren’t picky with colors.

Not much. Focusing primarily on volvo until program changes today.

Any TLX Aspec Available?

Had them send a email with their info. Hopefully you have a few left still.

nobody reached out.

Can I get quote on MDX and RDX 20, 15/36. Thx.

Any ILX deals (for a different person)? Thanks for getting back to my friend on the TLX.

Can I get a quote with as much as details as possible for an MDX and an RDX 10/36 with VA state