🇯🇵 Aronchi's June NO FEE ACURA - TLX Tech $420, Aspc AWD $461 | MDX advance $619, type s $899 (10% off!) | [TRISTATE]

Hey, I dropped an inquiry (looking to purchase/finacne) using the webform. The details follow -

MDX Tech Package - SH-AWD
Color - Platinum White Pearl
Interior - Parchment/Espresso
Loyalty - have a 2015 Honda that I would trade-in


3/23 We’re discounting all of our MDX bases to $544 plus taxes and fees w loyalty. Have over a dozen ready to move!

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4/1 - April has the same programs for Acura. Pricing has not changed.

  • MDX Techs / Aspecs are terrific 3 row options in this market
  • Integras are dirt cheap with loyalty, so if you’re getting out of an ILX, this is the play.
  • We can monetize all returning honda / acura leases for you, which will make your new car that much cheaper.
  • No broker fee on acura, as always
  • We will beat all broker and dealer MDX, RDX, and Integra quotes in writing.
  • Cars are Tristate Area and we can ship along the eastern seaboard at the client’s expense.

Submit an inquiry at AronchiAuto April 2023 Deals - Google Sheets

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Are you able to source ‘23 pilots? Thx

Hello @aronchi
I filled out your google form. Interested in an intergra a spec. Please let me know availability and final #s. Currently have a nissan lease expiring and need a new car

If this is the inquiry with the frontier lease expiring in 3 months, i can’t take it early. It’s flipped

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Ok no problem - I can keep the truck. Willing to move on the Integra if its in stock!

Blockquote * 23 TLX and RDX programs are awful, so would avoid those cars for now. Look elsewhere in the segment.

Is this still the case? Been shopping around in the Miami area all the way to west palm no competitive quotes at all. Any info of upcoming incentives?

Does Acrua ever have decent lease deals on RDX? I really want to consider one and my current lease is up in August and want to move into an Acura.

is acura loyalty based off having a acura in the household? Or tied to the registered owners name. Also is loyalty and conquest stackable for lease?

I had two Acura MDX’s from 2008-11 and from 20011-14. Would that count towards loyalty credit?

5/3 - Acura updated for May and June. MDX basically the same (we have no bases to sell and techs are very limited, so do not wait). RDXs are about $10/month cheaper, and integras are the same (we have very few of those).

Of note, we are starting the month very deep on TLXs. 10% off on bases and aspecs before loyalty. This pricing will not last, so do not wait. We will be raising it very soon. Also these are awesome if you are coming out of a TLX lease (or even a honda) because we can help monetize that for you!

Base $399 plus taxes and fees

Aspec FWD $459 plus taxes and fees

Aspec AWD $484 plus taxes and fees

www.aronchi.com or text 732-779-2587

5/8 - We’re out of tlx flex cash (thanks to LH), we’re also out of base tlx and fwd aspec (thanks again LH…). That said, we’re going to keep our TLX aspec AWD deal near 9% off with no broker fee the rest of the month. Not bad in this market, and made even better if you’re returning an acura TLX or ILX!

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Throwing out one more TLX Aspec AWD 11% off with NO broker fee. Calc below includes loyalty. Change to $1k if conquest.

$469 plus taxes and fees

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Does Toyota count towards the TLX conquest?

It’s on the sheet

Got yah, it doesn’t. What colors do you have for TLX AWD?

I am returning 2021 tlx aspec would love to get into 2023 tlx aspec blue.

Text me 732-779-2587

5/26 - One more tlx awd aspec deal available at 11% off w no fee. $469 plus taxes and fees w loyalty.

TLX Tech FWD OVER 11% off w no fee. 429 plus taxes and fees w loyalty.

In store pickup in NJ. Free home delivery if you have a lease return!

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