Aronchi's July Volvo Deals - XC60 T6 Rdes, S60 R-Des $381+tax - NO FEE - NY/NJ/PA/CT only

These can also include $500 loyalty. There is $2000 Xc60 to XC60 lease loyalty. As usual, there is no fee on my deals!!

XC60 T6 RDesign - $472+tax

S60 R-Design - $381+tax:

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Interested in this with 15k miles. What color is it?

@aronchi is this still available?

what color is it?

April deal

I am interested. What color options are available?

Still available?

I will be updating my volvo thread as soon as i get a chance to run all of the cars.

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Volvo for May has been updated.

Volvo loyalty is stackable with anything, except conquest, obviously.

ah ok. also not sure if it’s just lease loyalty.

$500 is lease, $1,000 purchase. Also, ask your dealer for special S60 loyalty and XC60 retention bonus. There was $1,250 on top of $500 last month on S60, but did not show on Volvo site

There’s $2k XC60 to XC60 loyalty.

In addition to $500 :point_up:

Not sure that’s right.

I think so. This $2,000 is the “XC60 retention bonus”, not a loyalty. Similar to what I got on S60 last month - $1,250 S60-to-S60 bonus + $500 loyalty

Interested in an XC90 T5 momentum

Please pm me exactly what you’re looking for in terms of packages, options, colors, mileage etc

Do you have numbers on the s60 momentum t5 12k/36 Costco member and a plan along with college grad. 07081

Interested in XC90 T5 Momentum. Please pm

I put up a t6 inscription, which gets 3k for costco vs 1k for the momentum trim. it’s a better deal.