🇯🇵 Aronchi's July Nissan - Insane Ariya Specials w $0 DAS in the 200s [Tristate/DMV]

Last day for NJ residents to not pay increased registration costs. Cheap as hell Ariyas ready to go for local nj pickup today! 732-779-2587

Are the Ariyas still available?

7/2 - We have the following Ariyas to kick off July. A few points of note:

  • These are posted as true sign and drives for NJ (no tax), because these are the only way they will fund.
  • Posted calcs include $1k nissan loyalty. Change rebate to 7500 without it.
  • Registration fees are NOT INCLUDED HERE. Based on NJ’s new EV registration requirements, you’ll be billed separately by the state to register your car. That is between you and NJ. For NY/PA, please use $500.
  • This pricing is good THROUGH 7/8.
  1. Ariya Engage+ AWD - $212 w 0 due at signing
  1. Ariya Evolve+ AWD - $234 w 0 due at signing
  1. Ariya Plat+ AWD - $301 w 0 due at signing

Available cars (will be crossed off as they’re sold):
Engage+ AWD in 2 tone boulder SOLD
Engage+ AWD in white SOLD
Evolve+ AWD in Boulder SOLD
Evolve+ AWD in Black SOLD
Evolve+ AWD in Black PENDING
Plat+ AWD in white PENDING
Plat+ AWD in white
Plat+ AWD in red

Broker fee is 599 on these. It is non-negotiable. Text us at 732-779-2587 to lock in.

The rest of our Nissans are still good through the 8th and are posted on www.aronchi.us


Three from the above list are pending sold. Do not miss out on the cheapest Ariya pricing in the northeast. Remember, our pricing is with 0 due at signing. Not even first month payment. The deals won’t fund otherwise :slight_smile:


7/7 - All non-platinum ariyas are sold. We have 3 more platinums that are ready to go.

White on blue leather w loyalty - 301 w JUST registration due at signing (no first payment)

2 tone red w black roof - 336 w JUST registration due at signing (no first pmt)

Text at 732-779-2587 to lock in.

Quick follow up on the NJ EV tax. When you leased a car, typically NJ made you pay three years of registration in advance. Is that still the case? It’s only the $250 EV “fee/tax” that they will bill you for separately? Or are all registration fees now going to be billed directly to consumer?


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Any Frontier deals? I have a Frontier lease ending soon.

note to all - 18 month ariya deals are dead w the new july program. thanks to everyone who bought one from us in the past week.

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Are 24 month leases on Ariya going to be the new deals with $10k NMAC? I assume this isn’t combinable with the $7500 like we previously had on the 23s with 18 month?

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Is it possible to get a deal on this if you are a current lease holder of nissan ariya (2023)? I am thinking maybe I can save some money by getting out of the 2023 and getting the 2024 as the MSRP on these is lower and i can qualify for the state ev tax rebate.

I think Nissan also dropped the residuals on MY2024 vs. last month, so that offsets most if not all of that extra lease cash.

No, your stuck with the 23.

FWIW, last month when you went to Nissan’s site and plugged in my zip code, for offers you got the 18 months, $189 (or similar payment) with like 5-6K down. It looks like everything stayed similar except now it is a 24 month program. So if the parameters seem roughly the same other than the term now going to 24, I wonder if similar deals will be out there this month.