🇯🇵 Aronchi's Jul Mazda - CX30 Carb $275, CX50 Prem $312 | Sub-$300 w/Lease-to-Lease Loyaltyl [Tristate/DMV]

6/11 - CX5s and CX30s are absolutely on fire this month. CX50s strong, as well, and there is a grand of conquest on cx50s, as well!

Shop locally with Aronchiauto, with quick and easy central NJ pickup at our mazda dealer. Plus, my dad does your paperwork with you, which is kind of fun. He’s much nicer than I am.

Submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us or text us at 732-779-2587

7/8 - CX30, CX5 and CX50s are updated for July. All are 9.5% off with local NJ pickup, where our sales rep (my dad) will be doing paperwork with you.

Lease to lease loyalty continues on CX5 ($1250 extra) or CX50 (1750 extra). The CX50s also get conquest:

• Toyota
• Honda
• Nissan
• Subaru
• Hyundai
• Volkswagen

We are not doing CX90 and CX70s at this time. If you’re looking for a 3 row SUV, our qx60 offerings are cheaper than cx90s, pathfinders, palisades, tellys, highlanders, pilots, AND atlases.

Please submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us or text 732-779-2587.

Maybe I’ll have better luck here, for some reason I don’t get a response when I call and text. Do your discounts apply to financing as well or is it strictly leasing?

Yeah they do.

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