🇰🇷 Aronchi's Jul Hyundai/Genesis - Elantra $199, Kona $279 | GV60 $475, G70 3.3 $453 [Tristate/DMV]

Tucson calculator links not working

They work for me

Ah it works on chrome. I was clicking on Safari, none of the fields were populating. I can use chrome. Thanks!

Interested in the EV70. Submitted inquiries last month but never heard back. Just submitted another inquiry. Thanks

Still have the Kia Niro Wind available in June?

red w preserve pack is on the ground ready to go

hey i really want this gv70 electric, any way you can reach out to me ? I PMed you too?

Cheapest v6 crossover out there. GV70 3.5T w conquest or loyalty.

$59k msrp - $599 plus taxes and fees

We have a handful left. MSRP $ discount is the same on all trims.

Text us at 732-779-2587

Hi, I submitted an inquiry over the weekend regarding the GV70 EV. I know you said you had low inventory or are you all out now?

Curious what does EV6 gt-line look like for June? SS shows “not updated”

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6/15 - Updated until we run out of cars. Some awesome genesis here. All calcs include conquest/loyalty. Pickup at our dealer in the NYC area. No ifs / ands / buts. No out of region. No shipping.

  1. G70 3.3T - 4500 off msrp - $453 plus taxes and fees
  1. GV70 3.5T - 6k off msrp - 584 plus taxes and fees
  1. GV60 Advanced - $5k off msrp - 443 w 3k due
  1. GV60 PERFORMANCE - $5k off msrp - $476 w 3k due

Text us at 732-779-2587 to grab yours or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us

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Any deals on 2024 KIA Sportage PHEV - X line Prestige.

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Submitted an inquiry for a gv60 advanced

programs arent out yet.

7/5 - Hyundai has been updated, except the Santa Fe, as we’re still getting pricing on it.

Strong strong Elantra, Sonata, Kona, Tucson, and Palisades this month. Elantra SEs starting at $199/month!

Genesis should be updated over the weekend.

Submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us or text us at 732-779-2587 to inquire.

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Ah, thanks for letting me know. Will look out for when they’re out. Also potentially interested in any offers you have on service loaners if that’s something that you do

We don’t have any

Genesis is updated on www.aronchi.us with some sick G70, GV70 3.5T, GV80 3.5T, and GV60 EV deals for the tristate area. Strong inventory remaining of 2024s!


GV60 Advanced - 12k/33 month $475 w 3k due at signing

GV60 PERFORMANCE - 12/33 month $511 w 3k due at signing

These cars are awesome, especially the performance model. Text 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us