๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Aronchi's Jan NO FEE Volvo - 2022 Stock and Order | xc60 & S60 t8, demos - TRISTATE, PA, DMV, FL - WE BUY ALL CARS!

I meant you.

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Carโ€™s gotta go.

21 Demo S60 T6M with climate and premium pack. $46k msrp.

7500/36 with loyalty: $334 plus taxes fees and MSD. +$21 if no loyalty.

All deals: Aronchi July Deals - Google Sheets

Interested, what color is the car? Also, do you happen to know how much your dealer charges for polestar tune?


Super interested in any XC60โ€™s you have. Iโ€™m in connecticut and pricing out mazda cx5 and honda CRV and itโ€™s brutal out there, everything is in the 500s. Anything near me that you have?

The white demo t5 inscription is available. Check the sheet, should get you into budget. Feel free to text at 732-779-2587

XC90 T6M with climate pack demo ready to roll!

$60k msrp. 7500/36 with loyalty $539 plus taxes fees and MSD. +$15/month if no loyalty.

Side note: we will continue to take deals through the week and try to get everyone their car. Our inventory is razor thin at the moment, so please be very flexible on colors and options. Also, please please please do not reach out from out of region. These are ONLY the states and areas listed on the deal sheet:

By any luck, do you ship/deliver to Norcal? I am interested on XC60.

sure, but not sure you wanna pay the broker fee required for CA delivery.

what could be the broker fee?

Probably a few thousand, plus gas, housing, a T&E stipend, and a plane ticket home.


Maybe before random people post in a thread for deals in a certain region, their location should be verified to allow them to post?
Itโ€™s not just your thread, itโ€™s a lot, if not all broker region specific deals where people ask if they can get a deal in a different state.

I think what gets me the most is that I just posted about no out of region deals in the post right before this. It just leads me to believe that such a comment is basically spam, so I like to have fun with them. Like if they waste my time, why wouldnโ€™t I waste theirs?


many dealers are willing to work out of state, so banning people from posting in threads out of their region is not valid. Iโ€™m in NJ and my last 2 deals came from Michigan and Louisiana.

ALTHOUGH, it would be a nice feature, probably not feasible, that brokers/dealers can restrict posters, kind of like how Ebay allows you to disallow certain bidders on your listing. Iโ€™ll find out if that is possible.

EDIT: posted query here: Are poster restrictions possible in broker/dealer threads?

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My apologies, I have overlooked your last post.
This is not a spam though. Your prices are tempting and at the same time, I donโ€™t find good deals from CA area.
Enjoyed your jokes.

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Iโ€™ve threatened to smuggle Mike over here to NorCal, and could use some assistance. I mean, itโ€™s not like half or more here are New York/Jersey transplants anyway, so heโ€™ll feel at home when he comes to, but weโ€™ll score our deals while he is still under the influence. With me?

$50k XC60 T5M demo with climate, premium, harman kardon and upgraded wheels. 14.5% off. Good build.

7500/36 with costco: $382 plus taxes fees and MSD. $361 plus taxes fees and MSD with loyalty


7500/36 with costco: $404 plus taxes fees and MSD. With costco + loyalty: $383 plus taxes fees and MSD.

We have lots of XC60 T6 momentum/inscription/rdesigns, as well, all posted on our sheet.

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Looking to lease a XC90 in CT for my wife. Any deals out there for 36/10 or 36/12?

Sure please text me and we can try to find you something 732-779-2587

Echoing the thought from July - thank you to the community for an insane month. Our discounts on 2021 inventory have not changed and remain awesome. Note, costco is gone. The 2021 program did not change. Our inventory is super low on new xc60s and xc90s but we have access to lots of demos that are eligible to be retired this month.

2022 will be updated on 8/6. We already have strong pricing on it and exciting new 2022 models with B5 and B6 mild hybrid engines available (once EPA certificates arrive!)

We are keeping it in-region for August. NY, NJ, PA, CT, VA, MD and FL ONLY. Please do not reach out from out of region.

Before you reach out, please review the posted google sheet and then list the following (this is very important!!!):

  1. Name
  2. Model of interest with color pref / packages โ€“ please list several options
  3. Zip
  4. Mileage
  5. Which of the posted rebates do you qualify for?
  6. Will you be doing MSDs? Note all of these deals are built with MSDs.

8/6: Our 2022 pricing is now live. Some points of note:

  • To price these cars, I took a base model configuration. Figure every $1000 in MSRP is around $13/month increase.
  • We have literally hundreds of cars coming in the next several weeks and we have pipeline visibility for several months. If itโ€™s not in stock now, chances are it will be in stock at one of our multiple dealers shortly.
  • We can do factory orders, while locking in dealer discount (lease programs, RV and MF do not lock, but are not expected to get worse for 2022 models). Builds from Sweden take about 3 months. Builds from the US take about 5-6 weeks.
  • Loyalty and affinity/aplan are $500 each across the board. They stack, as usual. Affinity holder must go first on the contract.
  • B5 S60 and XC60 are the new mild hybrid engine types, which are designed to improve efficiency and add some power/torque. These cars are in stock, but they require EPA certification to be allowed to be sold. This should occur shortly. XC60s have been redesigned and now have the Google infotainment system thatโ€™s similar to the XC40 P8. It is awesome and is miles ahead of Sensus.

We thank the LH community for all of the Volvo business over the past several years and are excited to provide awesome pricing for the 2022 model year.