Aronchi's Best on LH Aug Infiniti - QX60 4.6% OFF | QX80 5% [NY/NJ/PA/CT] WE BUY CARS!

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@28firefighter… Thank you

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Ok. Cleaned up. Back to business, please and thank you.


I don’t do this professionally. This is a weekend hobby for me. Please refrain from commenting on my deal thread unless you: a) are interested in an infiniti (which isn’t possible b/c i don’t work with the south) and b) want to share your marked up money factor contract. When that happens, you know how the President gives everyone a nickname? Yours will be “Marked Up Money Factor Sai1”.

Please also consider the following:

  1. Regional incentives are different, and it appears that the guy is in a region that has significantly more
  2. Infinitis, like all other cars, are not compared on a % off MSRP basis. This is a noob way of looking at a deal. For a deal to be apples to apples, it should be looked at on a “$ under invoice” basis. A $2500 behind deal looks much better on a % off basis on a 55k car vs a 58k car, for instance
  3. Unless you got your Q50 last april (program shown below), your MF was marked up.

Last april Q50 program (allowed significant MSD):

Current Q50 program (does not allow ANY msd):

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@aronchi and @sai1 Both of you have already been warned to keep any and all feedback constructive, please keep it civil. Name calling is not necessary.


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Stating that msds are not allowed on a 00003 MF is correct.

Man this guy is the worst. Provide constructive feedback or nothing at all. Especially before criticising someone who provides useful information on various threads in addition to very solid deals. What @aronchi does helps people get cars at prices that 1. most people could not get to on their own 2. do not have the time to negotiate for. Its likely you could get a better deal on any car most brokers on here post, on your own with time and effort. No one claims to provide the best deal possible (in most cases) nor is that what they are selling. He has a right to be paid for his work and if you need his help, its worth every penny.


You probably benefited from him negotiating on a deal for you. Good for you! make sure to leave a comment on his review thread if you haven’t already. Before jumping in to rescue your friend / broker in your shining armor, do you even know what the issue was? I am upset your friend claims to know everything about deals that others have signed. Constructive criticism is appreciated but not blatant accusation that the deal someone else negotiated simply didn’t happen because your buddy doesn’t think so.

Any deal on QX80?

Fortunately he has not helped me get a car, nor has any other broker. My only car I got on my own. I did read the thread and the little actual discussion of verifiable facts was hidden by attacks on him and what he does. Post your lease sheet, or any other evidence proving the correct information for this month. He has posted what he knows. Then we’ll see what’s correct? I’m sure the people interested in these cars will see the correct facts moving forward and not someone’s tax returns. Which… is the point of this site, no?


Hey Mike,

Looking forward to seeing the leasehackr calculator breakdown for the q50 signature.


Any July updates, specifically QX30?

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Hello. Looking for Qx60 ?
please update the july numbers.

thank you

What is July’s loyalty incentive?

.00029 MF
51% and $4200 incentive (Luxe)
53% and $3200 incentive (Pure)
I got this from Edmunds. Its for NJ market only

There isn’t any.

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My wife’s QX60 lease is up. Looking for a new 36/39 Month lease on Infiniti QX50 or Volvo XC60. AWD. Sunroof. Heated seats. 7,500 miles.