🇯🇵 Aronchi's April Nissan - Ariya $348! Altima SL $279, Rogue SV $278 | P-finder Avail, Frontier 4%+ [Tristate ONLY]

any murano’s left?

havent touched a murano in about a year.

Would you be able to get me a deal on a Sentra ?

Thanks again

they lease worse than altimas.


The SL FWD was sold.

Altima SV Premium FWD in Red/Black - $199 plus taxes fees and broker. EDIT - SPOKEN FOR!

SL AWD in red on black - $238 plus taxes and fees. EDIT - ALSO SPOKEN FOR!

EDIT car sold retail. $256/month not cheap enough for LH apparently…

1/19 - one car available and it’s red on black. Base Pathfinder SV $42k. Cheapest 3 row in the market.

10k/18 months $256 plus taxes fees and broker. Broker is 650 on this one.


I hate red but for that price I can play ball and need 18 months. Any chance for more mileage?

Adjust the calc and send me a text at 732-779-2587

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1/20 - one off pathfinder SL Premium white on black w black roof at 6.7% off msrp. Rare car to find right now.

10k/18 - $387 plus taxes, fees and broker.

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Altimas are all sold out? Done for January?

As of now, they are. We emptied 4 dealers out of altimas…

Also our one remaining SL Pathfinder is the white two tone roof premium package w black interior posted on www.aronchi.com.

Otherwise, we are likely out of SLs for the month.


1/23 - Rogues updated through month-end.

We’re at 9% on SV, SV Prem, and SL Prem (we have no base SL), and 8% on Platinums.

SV: $259 plus taxes fees and broker w loyalty (or grad).

SV Prem: $283 plus taxes fees and broker w loyalty (or grad).

SL Prem: $321 plus taxes fees and broker w loyalty (or grad).

Platinum: $377 plus taxes fees and broker w loyalty (or grad).

We also just got another dozen Pathfinder SLs at over 7% off!

Ahh damn I was just getting ready to get one of these. Found it elsewhere for like $300 but obviously your deal is better

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Are you gonna get more? Or am I stuck with the $300 one lol

an altima? likely in feb. i’m pretty sure none of my stores have any the rest of the month.

Got it. Fair to assume that the prices will be different at that time? (Or could be the same, just no way to know?)

february is never worse than january. if you can hold off, do so.


Feb Update:

  • Good rogue inventory. The SV and SV Prem are extremely good this month. If you’re coming out of a rogue and it’s in good condition, there’s a good shot your payment will fall.
  • Slim pathfinder inventory, but between our 5 dealers, we have a few SL and Plats on the ground. They’re posted.
  • Altimas are all inbound, we only have 1 SR AWD (white/black) and an SL AWD (black/gray) for the month.

Pickup in the tristate area. You get to meet me. I have RBF. It’s naturally-occurring.

Altima SV Prem white/blk $219/month