🇰🇷 Aronchi's Apr Hyundai/Genesis - Elantra $209, Kona $279 | GV70 EV $416! GV60 $474 [Tristate/DMV]

GV70 great deal but not crazy with the range (only 236 miles), I’ll wait for the Ioniq 5’s
Thanks for posting!

Deals must be papered by the 30th!

GV70 EV Advanced $370 w 3k due

G70 3.3T $488 plus taxes and fees w loyalty or conquest

GV60 Performance $537 w 3k due

GV70 3.5T $589 plus taxes and fees w loyalty or conquest

GV80 3.5T $669 plus taxes and fees w loyalty or conquest

Text us at 732-779-2587 to lock in or check out www.aronchi.us for all of our Hyundai / Genesis / Kia deals.

As a reminder, our deals are good ONLY for NY, NJ, PA, CT, DE, MD, and VA registration. That means if you do not plan on registering the car in those states, and you cannot pickup in the metro NYC area, this is NOT for you!

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Out of region inquiries. Don’t be one of them. PLEASE reach out only if you’re in the geography from the title to our posts.

Is there loyalty that stacks on top for the GV70 EV?

there isn’t

5/1 - getting an early start on GV70 and GV60 EVs this month. They’re the same as last.

GV70 EV ADVANCED 7500/ 36 - 370 w 3k due for NJ residents

GV60 Advanced - 505 w 3k due

GV60 PERFORMANCE $538 w 3k due

Text us at 732-779-2587. These MUST be picked up at our dealer in the NYC area. There is no home delivery and certainly no shipping.

Know any genesis brokers in the midwest/south? :confused:

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5/3 - Hyundai has been updated for May. Same great programs and pricing carry over from April.

  • Cheap Elantras, Sonatas and Konas
  • Tucsons remain the same and inventory is strong
  • Palisades also remain the same and strong inventory on Limited and Calligraphy trims.

Easy convenient in-store NJ pickup or home delivery for a small fee. Fee waived if we purchase your lease return.

Check out www.aronchi.us or text us at 732-779-2587

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Any deals for Tuscon Hybrid and Sportage Hybrid leases?

Do you see any sonata NLine?

Any Ioniq 5 deals coming up?

Hi sent you a text earlier this morning for Genesis gv70 e

theyre long sold out.

5/13 - Mid month update

  • GV70 EVs are just about sold out. Discount pulled back on www.aronchi.us
  • GV60 discount enhanced by an additional $500, so we’re $4k off both advanced and performance trims.

All other Hyundai / Genesis remain the same. Text is best 732-779-2587

The aronchi sheet is showing $3000 due at signing.
Still a good deal on that car.

We’re down to a few grays, greens, and silvers on the GV70EV. Get em while they’re here.

Reached back out to you over text since I inquired last month. Any left in white?