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Thank you, Victor! @trusted_hackrs please move to my reviews!

I recently leased a Volvo XC90 7-passenger with the Plus package through AronchiAuto, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. AronchiAuto provided clear and fast responses, solved all our problems immediately, and even accompanied us throughout the entire process. Their exceptional service made the leasing process seamless and stress-free. AronchiAuto is truly a perfect dealer!

By the way, we rented a Hyundai Tucson a few months ago through AronchiAuto as well. That process was also very easy, with AronchiAuto providing options for the brand, make, trim, and colors. They consistently provide perfect service for every car!

Sounds like some ChatGPT

Take it easy. English wasn’t my client’s first language.

Mert - thank you for the business.


Right. Everything is written in good (even perfect?) English, even using “leased” in the first paragraph and “leasing experience” later, but then “rented” later. Didn’t know you are also a car rental agency lol
P.S. I also used ChatGPT to write a review once :grin:

Did you call him illiterate?

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I’m sure the reviewer is perfectly literate in something neither of us could buy lunch in, and machine translated the review. I don’t see why it’s a big deal.

Respectable that Aronchi is offering no-fee deals, however I could not get a response after several texts, a call, submitted an inquiry, and left a message on the forum.

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But for some reason, submitting an inquiry on the 28th of a month, especially one in which dealer management tools are down, and then following up during a week when we’re at our dealers, helping them roll cars and clear the backlog, and, more importantly, reaching out on a car that is long since sold out, entitles to a response. Got it.

How was I, as a customer, supposed to know ANY of that? I reached out for a polestar which on your spreadsheet still says available.

Avoid this broker folks


Just setup an auto reply instead of fighting on your own review thread because you don’t do your job. Here’s one which is on brand

“If I don’t reply you in 24 hours, You’re not entitled to my respond. GTFO”.


You’re not entitled to an auto reply :rofl:

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Our QX60 was delivered today. Very happy with transparency provided by Mike. Despite all the issues dealerships had with CDK cyber attack, it turned out to be a smooth transaction. This was our first time using a broker and I’m glad we chose Mike. Takes the frustration out of the whole car buying process. (My last transaction with a dealer literally sucked the soul out of me). Definitely will recommend Mike to all my friends and family.
And did I mention cheapest QX60 deal out there?
Thanks again Mike.
Edit: updated “Sole” to Soul.
Not really into getting feet sucked out

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Apologies for the delay and drive in good health! Still not fully caught up on june infiniti!