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Great experience going through @aronchi ! Got a fantastic deal for a Genesis GV70 Electrified. The process at dealership was quick with no hassle.

Pleasure meeting you yesterday. That’s a hell of a car and deal you got!

Just picked up my QX60 that Aronchi got me. Couldn’t have been a smoother process. Highly recommend working with him because the prices are literally unbeatable.

Thanks you, Dan! @trusted_hackrs please move to my reviews.

Sent Mike a text inquiry Saturday, we spoke on Sunday and he listened to my needs and gave me great advice on how to offload my car off lease and pull equity out to use towards my new lease. He got me a great deal on a new infinity qx60. He was going to have the new car delivered to me on Saturday but at the last minute today I was off. Mike arranged for his dealership to have the car ready. We got the insurance and I decided to go in person to pick the car up. The dealership (Joe and Joe) sales and finance guys couldn’t not have been nicer. Deal with MSD’s was exactly as Mike promised. Would highly recommended him, but would say please be respectful of his time and work. He really did a great job

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Thanks, Scott!

@trusted_hackrs please move to my reviews!

Can’t get back into my old account but thought my old friends here would appreciate this great exchange.

No interest in actually leasing cars or dealing with customers, as far as I can tell. Would give 0 stars if I could.

Or just buried and overwhelmed with happy repeats and avoiding entitled assholes, given finite amount of cars and time?

Awesome to get a response only an hour later, what fabulous service from a rational, well-heeled businessperson.

Enjoy your Sunday! :slight_smile:

What’s your old one so everyone knows who you are?

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“Old friends”?

Buddy at least post your old account name because…


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Don’t worry, you weren’t one of them.

I don’t usually hang out on car buying forums in my free time - my last personal cycle was, oh, 36 months ago? June 21. Don’t think you were here then :wink:

Who Cares GIF by Judge Judy

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To just close the loop on this “review”, OP messaged me at 1 in the morning. He then sent a snide/sarcastic remark on Sunday morning when he felt “slighted” that his inquiry was ignored (I have posted that polestars are for repeat clients ONLY). Was I rude? Absolutely. I am overworked and completely flooded with inquiries and deals to the point where, unfortunately, a good percentage of people who reach out do not get cars.

That said, did this person act horribly, not follow requested format / etiquette etc? Also correct.

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To close the loop on this “review” I’m getting a better deal somewhere else, anyway.

If you’re overworked, that’s by definition not my fault, or my problem. Doesn’t give you an excuse to be an absolute nozzle about it, threatening and insulting me.

You didn’t earn my business, and for my sake – I’m glad you didn’t and I kept looking.


mazel tov. i’m sure whatever broker you worked with got a terrific client. a…“night owl” if you will

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This was our first time using a broker - wanted to get back into an XC40 and figured to read reviews of different offering brokers here.

We went with Aronchi due to the quick and no nonsense response - we knew what we wanted, and Mike’s team delivered! We had exchanged quick texts over a weekend in April, we took delivery at the dealer and it couldn’t have been any smoother.

Thanks again Mike and team - loving the new XC40! We will be back! - Mark

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Fantastic experience working with @aronchi on a new Volvo XC90 Recharge. Going into the experience, I had some anxiety working with a broker for the first time (I’m usually the guy who gets a phone call asking to verify personal info. and say “ok I’ll call you back at the main number to make sure you are who you say you are”).

In the end, so glad I reached out to Mike, he’s the real deal. His knowledge, relationship network among dealerships, and straightforward approach are top-notch. I went from first text message to a car showing up at my house (with pick-up of my '21 XC60 whose leasing was ending) in less than 48hrs.

The deal I got was fantastic. @aronchi will be my first call on my next car. If like me you’re nervous about this process, take it from another nervous dude and you’ll be glad you reached out.