🇸🇪 Aronchi May NO FEE Volvo! | Cheap Recharges - XC60 T8 $639, XC90 T8 $676 | XC40 14% off! | Tristate/DMV

5/8 - Volvo updated for May. Our loyalty was halved, but we picked up $1k costco, so if you have both, pricing is basically the same as the last few months. If you don’t have loyalty, you picked up $1k.

Points of note:

  • Inventory across all models, including recharges, is very strong. We have 4 stores in NJ to pull from and they all want the business.
  • XC60 and XC90 recharges are, by far, still the best volvo deals. We have dozens to move.
  • XC40, XC60, XC90 gas are all strong deals this month. Of note, xc40 plus and xc60 b6 ultimates are exceptionally strong deals.
  • We will add demos as they appear
  • C40s will no longer be posted on LH and are going to repeat volvo clients only.

Convenient and easy pickup in the NJ area, no need to schlep anywhere. Paperwork is done either with me or fully online.


Do you have deals on 5 month leases?

Yeah i can do care by volvos if you’re in the northeast

What are the numbers like on an S60 or XC60?

pm me your zip

I PM’d you

Hi, looking for a Volvo XC-40. Lowest miles. I have Costco. I am a nurse and in Manhattan. Do I qualify for first responder?

5/12 - if you are a previous client of aronchiauto, we can assist w the 5 month carebyvolvo deal. there will be a broker fee on them.

Do you ship to CA?

whats the main downside to these 5 month deals? just premise of having to turn in and get new ones? cant get separate own insurance? but…any other big negatives?

going to guess that you didnt read the header of this thread.

it’s not a 5 month “deal”. its a standard carebyvolvo where you get out of it after 5 months. personally, i’m not a fan b/c these people will be right back to you in 5 months and you have to go through this process again. rather lock someone in for 3 years and not hear from them.


Hey Mike, I don’t see any BEVs on the tracker, do you have inventory?

5/25 - one-off demo xc60 b6 ultimate in black/black at nearly 12.5% off before rebates and no broker fee. also no b/s residual value adjustment to create a fake discount percentage…

Calc below has costco. Can add $1k loyalty + $500 aplan/affinity. Add local tax.