🇸🇪 Aronchi June NO FEE Volvo/Polestar! | T8 Drop to Start The Month! INSANE POLESTARS | Tristate/DMV

Here’s kind of a one-off polestar 2 deal. NO REBATES CAN BE ADDED.

2023 Polestar 2 BST 230 Limited Edition $81k MSRP 7500/36 months - $564 w 3k due + MSD and NO broker fee. This is a good alternative to the performance trims that are on sale now.

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these are super neat: Polestar 2 BST edition 230 | The story | Polestar US

Volvo extended May programs through 6/4.

One off last minute xc90 t8+. White on black w 21s and HK audio. $78k msrp.

Calc includes costco + loyalty.

7500/24 - 586 plus taxes fees and msd

7500/36 - 627 plus taxes fees and msd

We also have JUST ONE LEFT xc60 T8 plus w 20 inch wheels and HK that we can do the following deal on. White on black. $67k msrp

7500/36 - 496 plus taxes fees and msd

Text us at 732-779-2587 to lock in yours!

Also some one-off specials on S60 T8s. Calcs below include $1500 loyalty. There’s no costco.

  1. S60 T8 CORE $54k msrp - $369 plus taxes fees and MSD
  1. S60 T8 Plus $58k msrp - $401 plus taxes fees and MSD
  1. S60 T8 Plus Black Edition $58k msrp - $410 plus taxes fees and MSD

Text us at 732-779-2587

Also for everyone asking about polestars, the program for June is the same. We’re going to be doing the same thing as last month, and providing Polestars at insane pricing, only for our repeat clients!

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6 or 7 pass?

It’s a 7p.

Hey all - June is basically the same for Volvo as May on www.aronchi.us. Inventory strong across all of our stores, so let’s move some metal!

We’re working on securing additional polestars, but, similar to last month, keeping PS2 deals for repeat customers ONLY. This means that if you’ve bought a car from us in the past, we can assist you with a polestar.

unfortunate - was looking for help with a polestar (as I’m sure the 89 million other people who messaged you have been) - if you end up with some inventory, please update us, thanks!

Unusual business model to say you will not help new customers with Polestar. If you have inventory available, many of us would appreciate access to them.

3 years ago, I did nissan leafs on this forum for $37/month. To say that we did a lot of them, would be an understatement. Only a handful of those buyers came back. Given the way my business model is set up, and the super lean operation I run, working stictly with a payment shopper who is solely interested in a payment, is not something I want to do again. I’d rather use these deals as a way of thanking the many people who have bought from us over the years and keep coming back for more / referring good business. They have been through the process before, they don’t need hand-holding, etc. They are appreciative, easy to deal with, and don’t overcomplicate my life.


Hi - sent a PM over the weekend on XC40 zip code 07302. Thanks!

6/12 - We have a good amount of polestars that can be locked in along with the costco promotion. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, if not July. We can take these deals and lock in cars.

Some ground rules:

  1. We will not be babysitting people and responding to incessant “is my car here yet?” messages. It will arrive when it arrives.
  2. If you lock in a car and continue following up re: timing, we will cancel your order.
  3. These are for NJ pickup ONLY. No shipping, no home delivery unless we buy your lease return.
  4. New England and the entire Eastern Seaboard is ok for deals. We will charge a $100 retainer to run #s for you if you are outside the Tristate Area, PA, or DMV regions.

Submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.us and we will try to assist.


DEMO XC60 T8 Ultimate w 21 inch wheels. Cheapest XC60 T8 in the country. Calc includes Costco + Loyalty. $72k msrp.


xc60 b5+ Demo white/black w 20 inch wheels and HK audio. Calc includes costco + loyalty.

7500 / 36 - $467 plus taxes fees and MSD

2nd option: Vapour on Black $459 plus taxes fees and MSD


Text us at 732-779-2587!

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Wow so even MA?

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Taxachusetts is not a real state.


Huh. Well glad I don’t live in the state with the largest tax burden. Hope you get a thank you card from Albany for your service.

6/18 - XC40 Plus Loaner in fjord on black $50k msrp

7500/36 - $375 plus taxes fees and MSD

No broker fee on our volvos EVER!

Text 732-779-2587

Still available - XC90 T8 white on black w 21s and HK audio. Calc has costco + loyalty.

7500/24 - 586 plus taxes fees and MSD

Text us at 732-779-2587 to grab it!

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