Arizona 2020 BMW M340xi Courtesy Vehicle, lease target



Currently looking at 2020 M340xi with about 4500 miles.

Dealerships listed with 15% discount.

I’m thinking about 20% and see what happens. But, not sure what would be the good range for this vehicle with this mileage.

Any advise will be appreciate it!!

Ask for 20%, before incentives, should be fine. Even if you get 17-18%, that should be good enough.

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I may be a bad one to ask on this because I am persnickety on BMW discount percentages :slight_smile:

In my mind, 20% would be a reasonable target, but if it were me I would shoot for ~24%. It really just depends on how much effort you want to put forth as it may take many many more hours of work to get a few percentage points more of a discount. You are also right to consider the mileage, as you take a notable hit on the RV with the higher mileage loaners. About three weeks ago I had a loaner 3 series that I could have signed on at 24%, but decided against it (so these discounts may still be out there). But, with the change in volume in each dealership, you may have to settle for a lower discount percentage to re-define what a “good deal” is.


That is important, make sure you talk to discount percentage before any incentives. Much of the time the dealer will present the savings with all of the incentives/rebate/loyalty, etc. baked in. You want those deductions to come in to play after the MSRP discount.

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Another thought, you can also try to chase down a 2019. But inventory on those is probably getting very very thin.

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And bear in mind, the buying situation is very different now… dealers may be looking to maximize profit per vehicle (gross), rather than volume sales. Been quite a lot of threads on this. Good luck with your negotiations!


I haven’t leased in AZ but from what I see on this forum the AZ BMW market is not very good on discounting. But starting at 20% seems reasonable. That is 20% off MSRP before incentives. And if you end up between 16 and 18% off MSRP before incentives that sounds reasonable. Dealers are not chasing volume in April so gross on every car is going to be important. You may have had a better shot at dramatic discounting last month while there was still a chance of a dealer hitting a sales target.


I agree…I think it was a lot easier to find a smoking deal last month.

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I struck a deal on 3/31 for a '20 BMW X5. I knew that the April sales climate would be much different. I wouldn’t hold my breath on dramatic discounting in April. Unless it’s very stale inventory or a odd color/option car.

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I will ask for 20% and will get back to you guys! Thanks for all your comments!

When you ask for a serious discount be prepared to close the deal now. Not a let me think about it. If you put it out there. Be willing to follow through.


Yes!! Will do!! thanks!

Another thought, you can also try to chase down a 2019. But inventory on those is probably getting very very thin.

Will be extremely hard considering the M340 wasn’t introduced until MY 2020… :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s no point discussing discounts without knowing whether it’s attached to buyrate or markup MF


24% ain’t happening on an m340xi lol


True true😁. I was thinking 4 series in my head when I wrote that…

The idea here though is, if one can find a car that has been on the lot longer, the potential for discount maybe higher.

Certainly not likely in the current climate😩. That would have been a stretch goal a month ago, for sure. That percentage was definitely doable on a 330/430/440.

That said, I think in the foreseeable future we are all going to likely need to re-calibrate our “good deal meter” .

Can you show us an example deal of 24% off 330/430/440 last month?


You’ll just have to take my word for it! Lol. I’ve posted a bunch of my deals on this board in the past…

I had that number available for one of each of those cars, but it requires being very flexible on location color, options. All of these cars are gone now though.

Well, then you can take my word for it and know that even if you got 24% off with base MF of the 330/430/440 loaners, it was a one off and pretty much ‘an exception to the rule’.
Suggesting others to shoot for that discount is just stupid, sorry. No one is giving you 24% off M340. No one.
Edit: and you posted 22% off 4 series a year ago, how is this relevant today?