ARIADEALS Review - Broker for NY/NJ/PA ( TRI-STATE )

Hi Leasehackr,

My name is Richie and I work as a broker out of New Jersey, Our goal is making auto leasing as easiest possible, and save clients thousands of doallars in leasing process.

I would like to thank each and everyone who gave me a opportunity to work on their deal and show my service, Greatly appreicated.

If anyone has any questions, or wants to reach out. I am always available by PM and respond pretty quickly.


Thank you!


Richie just helped get me a lease for an m340. It was a pleasure working with him and he got me a great deal. I highly recommend his services and will use him again in the future

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Ariadeal, help me lease out New M340xi without any problem, His services was unbelievable, and how fast he got back to me and was top of my deal.

I highly commander using Ariadeal. Thank again for your help.

Loving the new car.

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First of i would like to start by saying that Richie is the man. He made my first leasing experience a breeze. Riche goes above and beyond to answer any questions you have at all hours of the day. What i appreciated most about the whole experience is how he reached out to me after the deal was made to make sure i followed up with car inspection and if i had any further questions. Just shows that he truly cares and isn’t just about selling and making $$.

I highly recommend Richie’s services and will 100% use him for future deals.

Thank you !!!

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I strongly recommend Richie as your broker!! It only took a phone call for him to find a deal that I wanted and the next call to set up the pick up date. The day I picked up my new X2, he was there with me to scrutinize the paper work with the dealer and gave me all the good advice and explanation very professionally. He goes way beyond where you couldn’t even think by yourself! He takes care of you even after you pick up your car to make sure everything is good. I highly recommend Richie for your broker! He will be my broker again and again for sure!!

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I often rely on reviews, but I am not on to write them. This is one opinion that I would like to share to highlight how great my experience with Richie was.
One week ago today I reached out for information and now the car is sitting in my garage
I had never used a lease broker before and was apprehensive since I have always wanted to have a dealer to go to if “something goes wrong”.
Richie was very transparent with his pricing and fees, and secured me a deal that was significantly lower than 2 prior dealer “this is the best I can do” pricing.

He is VERY responsive and honestly, I felt like he was a concierge more than a broker. At multiple phases, he could have stepped back because I had already agreed to a price etc, but he made sure to be there for paperwork and to make sure everything was up to par.
I had one small issue with the car and, much to my surprise, I wasn’t contacting the dealer, but rather Richie because I knew he would know how to take care of it (which he did, quickly and effectively)
I will be using Richie in the future and recommending him to friends/family.


From start to finish I couldn’t have asked for a better service on my M340xi. I communicated with Rich with what I was looking for and he went out and exceeded my expectation. If you’re out there looking for a car, you cant go wrong with him.

Use ARIADEALS if you want a steal. skrtttttt


I recently used Richie (ARIADEALS) to help my mom lease a new M340xi. It was an absolutely flawless experience. He went above and beyond to get her in the car she wanted within her time frame. While I never met Richie in person, my mom did – and described him as “really really lovely and kind.” In the future, I will be recommending him to any of my family and friends in the market for a new car. -Dan

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Richie is simply the best. If you need a new car he will find it. He helped my wife and I get into a beautiful loaner BMW X3 with ease. He immediately responded to my inquiry, we started texting and within one day the car was located, my finance app was done and the car was ready. He kept his word on numbers and made sure I was advised of everything every step of the way. In the end, I brought home a gorgeous X3 to surprise my wife with and she couldn’t be happier and the for the price I am paying, I can’t be happier either! Thanks again, Richie! See you in 35 months ;)!

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I always rely on reviews, I dont write reviews but this time i want to write review about Ariadeals, this guy is amazing, it was one two three, I just told him what i need and next day he got me what i needed, following day Im here picking up my new car, He also picked me up at dealership when I was returning my car at same day of pick up. I was so pleased how he work my deal and his services and how quick he responds to my messages
Thank you again for your service Im already suggesting him to my friends and family.
keep up the good work Ariadeals.


That’s a great review

Well done @ARIADEALS


If anyone is looking to lease a car, Richie is the guy! He is responsible, professional, and caring. Whenever you text him, you’ll get his response literally immediately, and he has the answer to all your questions. I am an international student so it could be difficult for me to get a car. Richie helped me to get approved right away. I just picked up my new BMW today and I love it. Thank you Richie!

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I leased so many cars but this one was the best experience I have ever had. I just leased 2020 BMW M550i. Richie was unbelievable throughout the entire process. He immediately started to work on the deal, gave me an updated on every step and got me the car and the deal I wanted which no dealer was even close to giving me a deal like this. I needed to return my Audi, same day I picked up my new BMW. Richie picked me up from the Audi dealer and took me to the BMW dealer. Also, as his client, I was treated super well in the dealership. Great experience. Thank you so much Richie.

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Richie assisted me last week to lease a new 2019 BMW 540i xdrive. My experience was very positive from start to finish. I knew what I wanted and he helped me find a much better deal than any I was able to find prior to meeting him within a day of my first contact with him. Moreover, he assisted me significantly with the process of turning in my audi to a dealer in the same city where I picked up my BMW. He also sat with me through the paperwork process and reviewed the details in the related paperwork thoroughly. I consider myself to be somewhat savvy in regards to leasing and buying cars. Nevertheless, I was comforted by the relationship Richie clearly had with my salesman/lease man and as a result of their working history most of the paperwork was completed without any discrepancies before I arrived at the dealership. I turned in my audi at 11:30 and left the BMW dealership before 1:30 with my car. This lease experience was by far the smoothest I have had. A friend who referred me to leasehackr leased a 5 series bmw directly through a dealership and was impressed by the deal Richie was able to get for me. I recommend Richie’s broker assistance without any reservation.


Richie assisted me in buying my new BMW 2020 X5. Words are short to describe the 5 star experience that Richie provided. He reached out to me on last Friday to check if i am interested in buying a new X5 and i immediately said an yes. We exchanged our contact info and he reached out to his dealer to check if any car is available with my desired/custom configuration. To his and our surprise the dealer has ordered exactly the same configuration and color. He kept me informed during all this process and made sure i am comfortable and answered all my questions. Initially dealership told i have to do all the dmv paperwork as i am in connecticut but later figured out it was not required as there is a change of rule from ct to allow temporary tags for out of state purchased vehicle. Richie told my vehicle has arrived this Thursday and i can pick it up whenever i was ready. I decided to pick my car on saturday and i told richie that i will be arriving by Amtrak and take a uber to dealership/Bmw showroom. He offered to pick me up from Amtrak station and he drove me to dealership. All the paperwork was ready when i walked in today and both Richie and dealership explained me the numbers and made sure they were same as discussed last week. Richie found a clerical error in the sheet and made sure that was corrected so that i could save the 100 dollars that was wrongly added. He stayed with me till i got the car and made sure i was comfortable all the time. Thank you so much Richie for the VIP service that you have provided and i never thought car buying is this easy with a single click or a phone call. I would strongly recommend to use his service for anyone who couldnt negotiate on your own or you want to save time by not visiting multiple dealerships. I saved on a brand new BMW X5 and i am a proud owner of Bmw (courtesy Richie).All the process is complete in one week.

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I got a 5 series loaner from Richie, he setup all that was needed with the dealer. Once the initial half of the broker fee was paid, he introduced me to the dealer, to whom I was able to send over additional information to start the application process. All the paperwork was ready when I came to sign in at the dealership. I knew and was OK with all the numbers before and thus when I went to sign for the car, it was a breeze. Sent Richie the last half of the payment after all was signed for. Start to finish ~1 week.

There were few follow ups from after the contract was signed, namely, “allowed mileage” section on the BMWFS application, which was expressed differently in old BMWFS application vs new one.

To anyone going through this process, here is what I suggest

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Have insurance ready
  3. Form of payment ready
  4. FYI – if you recently terminated a BMW lease, before getting a new car, your MSDs will not likely transfer over, those are in the works to be returned to you. Same with disposition fee, which is returned to you if you get into a BMW within 6 months of previous lease end.

Thanks Richie !

I just got a new X3 set up by Richie. He set me up with a really great deal and took care of everything. Even picked me up from the train station. Totally seamless process. Start to finish was 3 days (including a Sunday).

I took a leap of faith and it totally paid off. Really great stand up guy.

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My experience leasing through Richie/Areadeals was extremely positive.

Richie was prompt in replying to all my questions. Once I knew the car I wanted (loaner X3) the whole process was done in 24 hours. He handled all the paperwork/formalities with the dealership so that I did not have to spend much time at the dealership.

I think what sets up apart compared to other brokers is that he is with you at the dealership. You don’t have to worry about any last minute surprises thrown by the dealership. Heavily recommend him to anyone looking to get a new car.

Thanks Richie @ARIADEALS !!


Aria deal is very responsive and quick when you want a deal done. I would recommend him if you want the deal done!

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I initially didn’t have any luck when I’d first reached out to Richie as I was searching for a very specific feature in a ex-loaner 2019 BMW X3, but thankfully a few days later I noticed his sheet had been updated and reached out again swiftly and there was one in stock! This was my first Leasehackr deal and it was exactly what I’d been searching for. Richie was super communicative by text and phone helping me through the leasing process. It was all completed in a few days, and he even met us at the dealership to make sure that all of the paperwork lined up. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Tri-State area new to Leasehacking!

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