Areas of the lease to focus on for negotiation


Hi all,

I made this post yesterday about my initial lease offering for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I noticed in the line item that it said
MSRP: 45,580 (this is for a base price of 41k + 2,890 in options + 1,495 in destination charge)
MSRP after discount: 41,195

I saw in my previous thread that someone mentioned I should aim for a 10% discount on MSRP. If I was discounting the 45.5k above MSRP, that would be roughly what it is above, meaning it was already discounted. I’d be surprised to believe they did me any favors since I don’t trust anyone at a dealership. Does this likely mean I’m already approaching what I can probably discount already or should I fight more?

What other areas can I focus on?

Thank you!