Are There Lease Incentives/Credits for the 2020 Kia Forte? (Zip: 30305)

Hey Hackrs!

Can someone help me find the MF/RV and lease incentives for a 2020 Kia Forte LXS.
Looking to lesse for 24 or 36 months.
My zipcode is 30305 and I have a credit score of a 752.

Please help clarify the lease incentives.
I was on edmunds and found a ‘Limited Term Bonus Cash’ = $2,800.
I went on KMF and couldn’t find any clear terms or any sign of this incentive.

Let me know if I am missing any important information, I’m new to this forum and welcome all feedback.

Edmunds is the best place to post and ask for that info. Be sure you’re posting on their forum and asking for your specific situation. That’s where we go to get it for vehicles.

Everything else on Edmunds beyond posting and asking on the model specific forum is pretty useless.

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THANKS! Posting right now!