Are there any inherent issues with lease flipping?

Earlier this year I sold my leased 2019 E450 wagon for a couple grand over the lease buyout, because I got a killer deal on an Audi A7. Recently we’ve decided to (probably) move across country and don’t need multiple cars so I threw this at Carvana who gave me an offer of $12K above buyout. This seems like a no brainer ,but is there any caveats I should watch out for when doing this?

Is that above your buyout or carvana’s buyout?

Audi charges 3rd party dealers market rate.

Is it a Lease? VW will force you to buy it out first.

Ah, I didn’t know that. How do I tell what market rate is?

What is Carvana offering? That’s market rate.
Aka $0 profit.

You would basically need carvana to request their buyout from VW. I can tell you now that it won’t be worth it.

You’re better off selling it to a VW/Audi dealer or someone that can process it through a VW/Audi dealer. You can also buy it out yourself and sell to whomever you’d like. You’re in CA, so there’s ways around the tax liability that goes with that.

In SoCal, @Samaudibh might buy your car. I’d try and get offers from Audi dealers like him and negotiate from there. He might be able to help with other payoff info too, time allowing.

Or as Mllcb said, purchase the car and use the CA 10 day sales tax rule to resell your car. This is more hassle but it may also mean more profit for you.


Note that I recently sold my audi to an audi dealer and their offer was only about $500 less than carvana

i’ll be happy to help

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