Are Q60s as incentivized as Q50s?

I’m just curious if the same sorts of incentives are offered to dealers for Q60s as are offered for Q50s? I’m dealing with a potential lemon BMW and even if I can’t get out of it easily I’m looking at other cars. I love the Q60, not so much the Q50 so just curious if the same sorts of discounts are possible on that model. I heard that Q60s aren’t selling as well as Infiniti had hoped also?

Q60 has effectively no lease cash and the dealers want close to MSRP for it. I am in NY metro area and I have never seen a Q60 on road even though it was launched in October last year.

Q50 is the bread and butter car for infiniti where they make for less profit with volumes.

Ah ok I thought as much.

I can get you the car approx -1500 off invoice price which is approx 4K -5k off sticker

Thanks ericWWA but that isn’t the sort of deal I’d be interested in. There are comparable cars from other manufacturers are far better deals but thank you.

I never said they have good deals one them they are bad this month. I was Just saying on the discount I can get you.

Any updates ? Have the no’s changed this month ?

No they stayed about the same