Are poster restrictions possible in broker/dealer threads?

From a consumers point of view.

I cannot stand businesses that tell customers what to do if is not illegal. There are two brokers that i would want to give my business too before i went on the open market outside of LH. But one of them posted “will not sell to houston…” rant. There are 1000’s of salesman selling at MSRP. Ended up not buying from either of them because of that post. Probably will never buy from them two ever because of that post. The last 3 vehicles i bought are from out of state or city (VA, DEN, etc). What makes saleman think they can tell where consumers can buy cars? Wait till this seller market ends and consumers remember who was polite and who was Richards… When the buyers market returns, consumers will remember these posts by seller/brokers/saleman.

Purchase 2-5 new vehicles a year (wife is from Japan, and her friends always ask me to find a toyota, nissan ,etc) for them. Just bought 4 toyotas this last few months and not from those two here on LH. would have loved to use the LH brokers, but it just did not work out due to the attitude .


This is a real spicy take right here.

That is in response to a broker here telling everyone where to buy vehicles in the Same state.
You should read his post. LOL It is a two way street . Brokers want to tell buyers what to do, that is just my response.

There’s occasions where that actually does make sense like Owner’s Choice in Texas for BMW PHEV’s and capturing BEV tax credits.

There’s any number of reasons why he won’t do business in Houston. It’s a private business… if he can’t/won’t do business with people from a certain area, so be it. Seems like an awfully weird thing to get bent out of shape over.

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I don’t know why. Perhaps the main pages aren’t powered by (and subject to the limitations of) Discourse, so building that outside was a better fit technologically. Just a guess.

In the defense of a dear friend, Selling or Delivering out of market is not a priority atm when local demand is more than the supply available.

Which is fine. If they don’t want to do business out of market, that’s their prerogative.

Wow… I only posted that because I don’t want to interfere with other dealer’s business. You have a choice to shop right? Well, we do have our choices too.

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maybe you have not read his posts. I wanted to give them my business. But he was posting to multiple people. Now none of them are getting my business. Maybe a conflict of personalities, but i have a feeling many feel this way. Nothing special about buying MSRP, so any saleman can do for now.

Exactly. re read your post . I understand what you are doing, which is common courtesy, but how you YELL and TELL everyone what to do is the problem. Now you and him are not getting my business and i am sure other people think the same way… That is your choice. Selling cars in this current seller market is not skill, think about the future. Just some honest advice.

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An honest advice accepted. Thank you for your opinion.

Not to be that guy, but this kind of market is what separates weaksuck green pea’s with a little luck and some house deals thrown at them and the veterans.

I got lucky the last year financially with crypto and other digital assets, But i know it was just luck and timing . First to admit to everyone, i was LUCKY. All those youtubers that became experts the last year with digital assets, most are just lucky. LOL .

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Ahhhh… Crypto… I am just crying over it now :frowning:

and NFT. $$$

Ehh. It has it’s ups and downs.

Fed Fiat is all downs lately though so there’s that.