Are poster restrictions possible in broker/dealer threads?

Someone somewhere mentioned restricting posts based on geography. I don’t agree with a blanket restriction since many brokers/dealers will work out of their home region. BUT, for those broker/dealers who do use restrictions, I’m wondering if it is at all possible for them to add restrictions when creating a thread, kind of similar to Ebay where, when creating a listing, you can select restrictions on types of bidders. So, for example, I’m a broker/dealer who only works in CA and does NOT allow out-of-state deals, then I could select “Only allow posts from users in these regions: …”

Yes, of course they can write “not out-of-state” but many do that and yet posters from out of their state/region still post. It happens daily.

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I agree. This needs to happen

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Automatic slow mode would be interesting as well for threads that resemble chat rooms.

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I mentioned then deleted in Aronchi’s thread, a prompt before you get into the thread, something like “just so you are aware, this deal is for this region only, will not entertain other regions” I don’t think you can restrict anyone, but it might help weed out people who don’t read.


I believe a trusted hackr previously suggested locking all broker threads so no one could post except for the broker, may be even better.


It was me and I stand by this idea.


It may actually force people to read and eliminate the constant unneeded spam.


Would there be a way for users to know if there is a new update if only the 1st post is continuously edited? Or would you have the broker make a new reply each time?

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I think this is the ideal scenario. A shame we appear to be in the minority on this opinion


Well, all they need to do is to read one post which would have the latest updates as well as a permanent header with broker’s review link and contact info. So it would be up to brokers to keep it current.
I think updates to the first post bump the thread up.


This is a great idea.

A discussion forum that doesn’t allow readers to post comments is called a magazine.


Not that a bunch of posts saying “I’m too lazy to follow the instructions on how to contact you, so PM me” is much of a discussion.


We could become editors instead of moderators.

People would mail us letters, and then we’d have an editorial committee decide which ones are worthy of publishing.

Let the brokers vote?

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Marketplace is a “magazine”, not a discussion forum. It is only an add-on to the discussion forums.

I understand that’s how it is in your head.



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Technicality. Of course that’s how it is in my head - ebay, craigslist, etc.

BTW: marketplace can be moved out of the forums and in the same place as PND. What’s the difference?

Then go ahead and move it.

That would be less confusing than “Welcome to our forums. Now STFU.”

That’s not up to me and I can’t, anyway. Why do we have the PNDs on the front page and not in the current Marketplace then? How does this make sense to you? Victoria has the same view as you, btw - that dealer/broker threads should be open for discussion, so here is your answer.