Are people paying MSRP on Gladiators?

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Trying to help a buddy out. Are people paying MSRP or over MSRP on Gladiators? What would the numbers look like if he leased/bought this vehicle

He also has the $500 first responder incentive

No one in their right might is paying full sticker for a Gladiator.

That doesn’t necessary mean that some dealers don’t still treat them like gold. This is a Jeep after all and dealing with some/most CDJR dealers can be a tax.

Do a search on past deals and check out the marketplace to see what brokers are offering.


Invoice is prob about 3.5% under MSRP. Then, there should be a rebate (I cant speak to your region though). End of month, you could prob shoot for almost all of holdback less $250 or so.

With $1000 out you’re prob talking in the high 5s at best or 6s for this based on MSRP, which I would never pay for a Gladiator personally, but it’s not my :peach: in the seat so it doesnt matter what I like.


To echo what Mike said, there isn’t much from MSRP to Invoice. They are also scarce inventory wise for all but the most high-volume dealers, so many dealers aren’t too keen on discounting them too much.

Generally speaking, invoice almost can be a decent deal on a Gladiator, but theres certainly opportunities to dig into holdback.

I also wouldn’t lease one of these at the going price.

I had one as a rental a few weeks ago. It seems pointless. It’s not really useful as a pickup truck and as a car it’s incredibly tiny inside. It’s like the worst of both worlds.


I appreciate the feedback. Ty

I was able to get around 8 or 9% off MSRP back in April on a Sport S. A lot has changed since then though. The target used to be 7% behind invoice but you had to fight like hell for it. I love mine but I’ve never had a Wrangler or a pickup truck before this. For me it does just enough of everything to be a blast to lease or own, but the price has to be right.


You dont get a Gladiator because its the cheapest lease, you get it because its fun. What other truck is a convertible with a removable top and removable doors?

Also I think its nice to have something that you dont see a million of on the road

Like others have said, no you shouldn’t be paying MSRP or up, and yeah the front end profit isn’t crazy on them. Make sure you are quoted through US Bank or a credit union, those are the lowest banks this month

Your friend might get some dealer resistance because he picked a diesel one, they are slightly more premium


This is exactly why I got mine. Sure I could have got a cheaper Tacoma, but there were other factors here. I wanted the removable roof and doors.

From what I’ve seen the diesel seems to be a ripoff IMO. Less payload and more money? Seems silly to me, just get a regular engine with the max tow package instead.


Agreed. The VMI diesel isn’t exactly a modern or advanced engine either. Would take a pentastar all day long.

You can get up to 7650 pounds with the max tow package on a Sport S. Who is the diesel actually for?

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With a 6" lift and 37" tires, the 2x torque and MPG improvement of the diesel make it much more drivable.


Short answer is no. Join tread lightly and you get 1% below invoice. You can get 8% under invoice at Gupton in Tennessee if you order new with tread lightly membership. Check out the jeep gladiator forum for more info. Not sure about leasing though.
I live in SoCal and got 4% below invoice by ordering new. Equates to about 10% off msrp.

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