Are numbers right? BMW X3 demo in Pennsylvania


Hi guys,
Please your input is very important. I am negotiating a deal in Pennsylvania for a BMW X3 demo with 4,122 miles. Want to make sure that the monthly payment is accurate as I am having trouble replicating the deal in the calculator, so any expert using the calculator, please let me know if it is right, and any input on the deal is highly appreciated.

MSRP: $48,350
Discount $9,350
Rebate $2500 (lease credit + Loyalty)
M.F. .00099
Residual: 55% (minus the miles)
Miles 4, 122
I am putting 7 Multiple security Deposits taking MF down to .00064
Dealer Fee $850
Taxes 7%

So they are coming up with a payment of $440 a month + the 7 MSD.

I haven’t seen their numbers yet (only the worksheet). Are their numbers right or are they bumping up the MF? Are there any other charges there? Just want to make sure I have my numbers right before checking theirs. Is this a good deal? Thanks so much Hackrs!! stay healthy

What happens when you put the numbers into the LH calcuator?

Based on your numbers, your DAS is 989 + MSD and 301 monthly. Huge discrepancy, are you sure you are getting 19.3% discount pre-incentive and $2500 rebate in addition.

But the real question is about your title and the word “Pennsilvania” :weary:

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Thats what they say, but they just e-mailed me a worksheet so far and not how they got there. Thats why I need to have the numbers on my end. My brother is local and will pick up the car for me.

Probably best to attach a LH calculator so people can see how you’re getting your number. Without having the dealer worksheet it’s also hard for others to try and back into that

Can you provide the dealers name? I am also looking for a dealer near me to work a deal. Live in Ohio. Thanks

What are we talking about here?

This is someone’s deal they are hacking, and you are asking ‘can I take this?, or possibly, what’s your source lemme take this or another car!’

To the OP, make sure your numbers line up, PA doc fee is max of 389.

This is what you are telling us in the first post. Add your state fees into this. If the doc fee is capped at $389 there might be some non sense add-on on the car to make it $850. Or the $850 might be total of dealer fee and registration.

Post the deal sheet so people here can help you, You can redact the dealer and your personal information.

Btw for PA residents leases have a 3% added surcharge, my 6% sales tax becomes 9%.


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