Are deals on Audi A3/A4 common?

Not finding much so far, anyone come across any good deals on Audi leases? Do Audi’s just not lease well?

Looking for an A3 (2.0 with Nav) or A4 Quattro in FL, 10/12k miles, 24/36/39 months.


You’ll have understand gong in that your payment will hover closer to 1.1-1.2% MSRP (that’s what I have experienced)

You need to get 10-12% off or more before incentives. If you can still find a 2018 before tomorrow, grab it. Forget the A3, get an A4. Better programs.

Gotcha, thanks for the info. I think I just need to temper my expectations :slight_smile:

The closest 2018 A4 I see is in Huntsville, AL - a bit too far to do anything in a day. I do however see a ton of 2018 A6’s still on the lots locally, though I not sure how well they lease with the 2019 refresh already out (and 1.1% payment with a 60k A6 MSRP is over my budget)

any luck on this?