💯 April Updated (4/1) , NYCLIFE, BEST LEASEHACKR Volvo Deals CRAZY DEMOS [NY/NJ/PA/CT]




Volvo is continuing the $2,000 loyalty bonus across the lineup, so if you have a volvo in household add 2000 under “taxed incentives”

Volvo is adding a $2,000 bonus to all of our heros in this pandemic. All first responders, teachers, and medical professionals will receive this. Add 2,000 under taxed incentives.

I will be discounting my fee by $100 if you qualify for this rebate just as a little thank you for the countless hours and danger you put yourself in everyday to defend us.


You have to put the DAS amount in the title or take out the monthly numbers from the title.

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I went and shopped a GLI today because I’m interested even though I know it would be bad. $400 a month with $3000 DAS. Why would anyone do something like that when there are Volvos like this. Lawd, do I ask myself.

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What color is the demo S60 T6?

I would love to jump in a XC60 or XC90 but have 21 months left on a 2018 Tiguan SEL.

Hey is there a college grad discount on these?

No there isn’t!

Do they do out of state deals?
I’m in Oregon.

You won’t ship from MA but will from NY?


@Ursus Oops, I thought this was a west coast deal sheet.

My scope and cars have changed so much in the past few days, LH is to blame for this!
I also just saw that Infiniti offers loyalty of $1500. I never received a code in the mail though. Maybe because I thought I was set on not getting an Infiniti.

Ignorance is bliss. :-X

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Are the S60s 2019 or 2020 models?

2019 models

Lowered prices on the 2020 XC90 T5. 359+tax, best in the tri-state


Any 2020 XC90 Inscriptions - 6 passenger yet?

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what color is the 2020 XC90 T5 ?

Sent a PM with questions…

Hi Quentin, Curious what colors ext/int you have on the 3 XC90s. Also, do you have a reliable shipper.


XC60 update:

350+ tax, T6 Momentum
403+ tax, T6 R-design, 62k msrp


279+ tax, T6 AWD momentum, 41k msrp

Hey Q

I currently have an xc 90 t6 mom with 7 months left.

Whats the best way to jump on one of you deals getting rid of my currently lease?

Wait for another month for 6 months pull ahead