April Update >> 2022 Hyundai

April Update>> Scroll down past post 150 >> I’ll be
posting all available cars on daily basis. Taking reservations with Deposit over the phone only for the same day pick up.


Ouch. $287 + tax means at least $304 in Florida (more in some counties). That seems like an awful lot for a car with 22k MSRP…

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It was a typo! it’s $187+tax
Thanks for pointing out👍

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Thanks for updating. That’s actually a pretty good deal.

And BTW, i’m not normally one who tries to detract from anyone’s business. Selling cars is a tough game. But we’re on a forum that’s literally about getting good lease deals, so I felt like it’s fair game to point out something particularly egregious. But $187 + tax sounds pretty reasonable.

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Any Value Editions available? SE is honestly pretty low rent…

Value is 2 trims higher, gives you the Sunroof, pushstart, keyless entry, dual Auto AC, Apple CarPlay, And Blindspot. I could be around 239+tax.
If you don’t care about pushstart and sunroof, SEL gives you the Blindspot, Apple CarPlay and Dual Auto AC I could be around 229+tax.

I sent you a DM

Elantra SEL with push start, Apple catplay, Android Auto and Blind Spot $215+tax only with first payment plus DMV tag due at sign.

Thanks again Benjamin! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Based on this thread I texted him about a Santa Fe and he was $40 a month cheaper than the best price anywhere else with no hidden BS. Overnighted me all the documents this week and I picked up the car today. In and out of the dealership within 20 mins and he offered to show us all of the features, setup our phones, etc.


Glad that I could help :+1: Congrats on your new Santa Fe and thanks for your business.

I want to thank Benjamin for getting me a great deal on a new 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe with Premium Package. The price was the lowest compared to the quotes I received from other dealerships. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with Benjamin. Thanks!

Thanks for giving us your business Ernesto!
And congrats on your new Santa Fe. :+1:

Only SE 2 left!

2021 Elantra is Out

New updated pricing coming up shortly in the next 24hours

2021 Elantra SE 36x10 $229+tax only with First month plus DMV tag including $500 loyalty.

on 2020 Only Have a handful of Elantra Limited left.
36x10 $265+tax with only First month plus DMV tag due at sign.

Regular 2020 Santa Fe Limited is $458+tax
2.0T adds $40
AWD adds another $30

On Palisade I have one 2020 SEL with Convenience pack and roof I can be at 465+tax

What’s the sale price for the 2021 Elantra SEL?

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Hi What is the lease price for a 2021 Tucson Value?


Benjamin - i am in the market for a santa fe limited as well. what is the best way to speak with you to go over the options?