April Lease Numbers

Hi Leasehackr experts,

When will the April numbers be released? Anyway you can please included minivan like Town & Country or Odyssey lease numbers in it please.


The Odyssey is a pretty good deal this month, if you currently lease or own an Odyssey 2006 and up you get an extra $1000 rebate towards all Honda’s besides for the Civic.

Thanks LeaseMia. to be eligible for this promotion, has the odyssey be owned by same person or can it be owned by family member like an in-law?


Is there a particular trim level? Programs vary by trim.

I am looking for these in New Jersey:

  1. Sedan: Accord LX (with sensing) or Camry or Altima or Ford-Fusion or Malibu
    prefer 24 months lease sign & drive (equal payments of 24 or 36 months)

  2. Minivan:
    Honda Odyssey SE or Honda Odyssey EX-L with RES
    Toyata Sienna with Entertianment system
    Chrysler Town & country with Entertainment system

Looking for sign &drive with equal payments of 24 or 36.

It has to be from the same household, so same address were you would register the new lease.

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