April Infiniti Incentives?

Has anyone come across the April Infiniti incentives, factory cash, etc.? I’m not seeing anything.

I’m not seeing anything for the Nissan Leaf either… So, I’m guessing they haven’t released this info yet.

Incentives usually aren’t released until midday or the evening. Patience is key


Are these new Offers for April?

I guess I’m more referring to if anyone knows of what the dealer cash/factory cash is so I know how much to deduct from invoice, etc.

I don’t think that info was ever available.

Agreed…Infiniti likes to keep those numbers out of reach, and not easily attainable.

We need some of the experts to translate this into specific Lease deals. I am looking for something in NJ or Tri State :slight_smile:

I use autobytel to look for incentives but don’t see anything for Infiniti

Right. It just seems in past threads some guys here know a ballpark of where you can push it.

It’s a bit too early in the month…give it a few days. Between a new fiscal year, and early in the month, dealer motivation to negotiate will be low

For sure. I need a car by end of month … looking at the Q50 or CX-5. So I was just going to send out a couple feelers to the dealerships, or do you recommend waiting? I’m currently in Chicago moving to Minneapolis in a couple weeks.

It’s not going to hurt to drop a feeler or 2 out there, but…

  1. be prepared for the onslaught of emails/calls the rest of the month
  2. don’t expect the most competitive pricing right off the bat this early in the month

Likewise, if you’re going to throw out a net, I’d at least give it a day or 2 to let the info flow down from the captive and allow the sales people to become a little more familiar with the programs. They theoretically should know by now, but sometimes the info takes a bit to flow down from up top.

Understood - I appreciate the advice