April Incentives Roundup

Here you will find April incentives, Please pm me to add to the main post.

Is the 5k GM conquest confirmed?

Stop getting my hopes up! :joy:

The best ones are the ones that are “almost” believable … but here’s hoping

Just spoke to gm directly, it ain’t true :-(. I did hear that there’s still a chevy conquest rebate but its less than 3k.

Is conquest for any brand now?

edited my post, heard about chevy conquest not sure about others.

Talked to a dealer today, Asian Conquest Lease is now $1500. GMF Lease Cash $1800. At least for the region (in Ohio)

Conquest (any brand, non-GM) lease cash is now $1,500.

Looks like $3,000 Asian-brand conquest is still available for Volt (not 100% sure). There’s $2,000 conquest for current Mustang owners/lessees on Camaro.

Add a $1500 conquest and not bad.

No dealer discount at all? I think the 1500 is still a good thing. Good deals overall.

any updates on April incentives? BUMP