April 2021 MINI Deals -- Up to 14% off MSRP

Hi everyone! Happy April!

I’m Quinn, and this is my first Marketplace post, and I’m excited to be able to introduce some of you to the MINI family. I’m a fellow MINI enthusiast, and do my best to find something for everyone’s needs.

Every month on the 7th I’ll be making a new post with updated incentives and programs, but inventory is updated daily on my spreadsheet. (Link to spreadsheet at bottom)

I can be contacted either via email (quinn.roberts@openroad.com), phone (908.440.2321), or by using this Google Form.

If reaching out by email or phone, please include: Name, Phone Number, Email, Zip Code, Model of Interest, and say you found this listing on Leasehackr.


*Lease Payment Quoted assumes Qualified Credit, and does not include tax/title/registration/dealer fees.
*Leases can be adjusted to fit mileage needs, price will fluctuate according.

Do the LH calculator links in your spreadsheet include the total costs for the lease or are the dealer fees, etc. missing?

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Glad to see mini here is a shame this is for northern states.

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Kind of both. The LH Calculator links have the dealer fees and such included there, but listed as upfront costs rather than in the lease payment. You should be able to see them there, but if it’s coming up differently for you let me know!

Any availability on Clubman JCW?

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I don’t have any available at this very moment, but I have a 2022 White Silver JCW Clubman that is being shipped to us soon.

One thing I can’t stand is advertised low payments with cap cost reduction, there should be a law against it. Why not put $10000 ccr and a $1/month payment? Just be straight forward and quote the payments with all the fees but without cap cost reduction like other brokers/dealers do here.


The majority of my customers pay the fees upfront, which is why I quoted it like that in the LH calculator.

Granted, I’m moderately new to the car business (and brand new to LH), so if there’s a better way I should be doing this, I’ll gladly welcome advice.

I thought I was being straight forward by listing out all the fees in the calculator.

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Oh you are being straight forward I just think you got a comment form someone very particularly picky. You can remove or add the fees but there will always be someone that prefers it the other way around. As long as you are being transparent and showing all the numbers as you are you should be ok! I think the reason why brokers post the calculator is for the customer to change the numbers as they see fit this way there is no confusion! What I think the main issue is that most people don’t read the main post and go straight for the spreadsheet without reading that the fees are not included in the monthly payment.

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That is not the main issue. It’s not about the fees. It’s the CCR.

We tend to push back hard against money down upfront as there is some inherent risk to losing it and it makes deals appear better than they actually are. Generally, that means normalizing a deal to the true monthly cost. In a perfect world, everyone would show their vehicles with only first month’s DAS, so you got the true monthly cost. A lot of people will show with only taxes and fees das, particularly when selling to multiple markets where these can vary a lot.

I appreciate you posting the lh calcs for all of your listings, and everyone certainly can adjust those to suit, so there shouldn’t be much complaining, but if you really want to tailor your listings to the LH palate, your best option is to list monthly with only first DAS including only standard incentives and list the % pre-incentive discount.

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can also add a note about available qualification based incentives that could apply (loyalty, conquest, military, etc.) and how much they are.

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That makes sense!

Is it worth adjusting everything in my post to fit that kind of format, or should I just keep all this in mind for next month?

I appreciate all the help. :slight_smile:

Noted. I’ll get a list of all the additional available incentives and add that onto the post shortly.

The pricing I have in there now is standard incentives.


That’s all up to you. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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