April 2019 Infiniti QX60 Luxe + Essential $388+tax (first month, bank, plates, doc DAS) VPP Required NO FEE & FREE DELIVERY NY/NJ

Do they have a QX50? NYC +VPP Qual.

Bill we spoke this afternoon. You didn’t call me back lol…

Dealer called me 25 mins ago- he must be jammed

Call me back, lets get this done!

Is conquest $1500 available this month?

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Hello,is there any new deals for April yet? I am trying to find a deal for my dad.

I don’t have anything yet for April…

Updated for April…non-VPP deal is the same as last month!!

So VPP dropped from $1500 to $750 for April? Just curious.

As far as I know, yes. The non-VPP deal is the same.

Please call me about this deal. Frank 9175598290

So you have a full breakdown of drive offs? Interested for a friend who is between this and a Ascent.

click on calculator and adjust accordingly.

Duh…thanks haha

Updated - I have pushed the dealer to go deeper for my clients!!! As always, there is free home delivery with Infiniti. My dealer will deliver to your front door and I always send a printed lease for review and sign-off prior to the car going out.

Hi - I am interested in this - would you please PM me.

Please dm me with specifics ( acq fees tax, bank fees, new plates and so on ) for the qx60 luxe awd which is about $48,800 for 39/10k on Long Island with vpp

Hi, Do you happen to have Q60 deals? If so, please pm me. Thanks.

How can I get in touch with you on this deal?