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Hey Jim, any idea when the higher spec’d Tacos will get ramped up in production? I saw you mention upthread that they haven’t been building too many of them yet. My lease is up in September and trying to figure out my plan instead of waiting last minute. Thanks!

Should be by then

That’s was a very uneventful end of March!

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Pricing is under invoice on most stuff and March was very busy. No need to discount more


Any meaningful changes to the Tundra lease programs this month?

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Hi Jim,

I sent a text to the number and they said wrong number. Has it been updated? Thanks.

To what number?

Hi Jim

Any venza left and any discounts thanks

Is this aged unit available for 6k discount?

Java venza @Jrouleau426

hi Jim - When are the 2024 land cruisers going to be available?

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Whenever people stop paying $10k over msrp for them


Who’s gonna break first? Silly people overpaying for them, or silly dealers overcharging for them LOL

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Typically the customers stop buying then the price drops. These haven’t even started to hit lots yet so I don’t see msrp deals becoming the norm anytime soon.


Any Tacoma TRD off roads or Sports on the ground available now?

Have some sports due in anyday in underground



Curious to see what the response was…

any Prius primes avail?

I have 2 first edition land cruisers at 2500 over msrp broker inc.

Montana llc ok

Trail dust and black

Text asap!



What does the lease look like on those? Ratefinder has nothing.

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They’re not released yet. Sold them all though