🛻 APR TOYOTA All states! DEALERS NATIONWIDE! Deals below invoice! 24 taco $4k off TUNDRA upto $8k off! Best pricing USA


I will beat any formal dealer or broker lease quote on in stock vehicles! Show me proof of any deal cheaper then what I’ve quoted you and I will beat it, even if that means I have to waive my fee! (Shipping not included as I can’t control that)


When comparing pricing, be sure to get a final price with all tax tags fees included, and just first month down. Many brokers and dealers include incentives and exclude fees in their advertised pricing. This is the only way to truly compare the best price. If I have it in stock, I will match or beat the discount of any deal, I just need a valid deal sheet to do so.

Tax tags dealer doc fee not included in below. Inventory is listed in the last few posts on this thread. You can skip down by using the right scroll bar.

Here’s my review thread

My contact info:

(text only initially please, once you make contact we can set up a call if desired). In your initial text please include:

Model/trim desired color and options
Zip code
Miles per year (10,12,15,18,21k)
Approx credit score

Text me for exact pricing with tax/tags/dealer fees included. I will reply with monthly pricing with nothing due at signing. My fee is $500+ first month upfront on most vehicles unless I’m running a special or tell you otherwise during the quote process. Trade ins are a $250-500 flat fee on top

I have dealers nationwide and typically can find you these deals within 500 miles of any zip code. Shipping is available currently with all my deals. You can also rent a car from enterprise, budget or hertz and the dealer will return it for you! Depending on distance from the dealer, expect at least 7-14 days start to finish on a shipping deal.

My spreadsheets do not include tax, tags or dealers doc fee as that varies by zip code. However, once you text me, you will get a price with all those costs included in the monthly payment. If you want to pay your states tax, tags and fees at signing, then the monthly payment will match my spreadsheet with corresponding msrp. However, the majority of experts at lease hacker, myself included, recommend paying as little upfront as possible. If you’re vehicle is totaled in an accident, typically you lose that upfront money. The risk just isn’t worth the minimal money you save doing so. Gap insurance only protects the leasing bank not you, the consumer.

My best deals are typically located at my main dealer outside of Philadelphia. If choosing this option please arrange to pick up here, compensate the dealer for delivery (within approx 200 miles) or arrange shipping. I can refer you to some great shipping companies, as well as guide you with the easiest way to travel to the dealership.

My fee is only refunded due to error by myself/dealer and you don’t buy. This doesn’t include minor differences in tax/tags as those fees vary too much state to state, I guarantee my sales price always from the initial quote (unless incentives change). We do our best to accurately quote them with your zip code. This also includes you not providing the bank with documents to approve the loan. Any other issues or if you back out you can always use the fee towards a future deal

When I quote pricing it’s based on current month MF and residual. My discount won’t change but since most vehicles aren’t instock these days, mf/residuals can change if your vehicle arrives the following month. That can lead to bigger or smaller payments. Please be aware of this possibility when locking in your vehicle as I have no control over that. Banks change these figures every month. We do what we can to keep pricing close to the original estimate but sometimes there are changes in rates.

I can facilitate new purchases as well as leasing. And I will always honestly inform you when purchasing makes more sense then leasing. Trade ins are possible but can not be contingent on my deal. Make sure you have back up offers from carvana and vroom in case the dealer doesn’t offer what you want.

The leasing banks I use will approve credit as low as 640, however for the best rates listed on my spreadsheets the bank requires 700+. There is no risk with running your credit, I refund you 100% if you’re not approved. But please save both of our time and check your credit for free on credit karma or similar websites. If using your business to lease expect at least $15/mo increase as you will not get tier 1 pricing.

NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON ALL TFS, USBANK AND ALLY LEASES!!! I can refer you to companies, but I do not arrange your shipping and you can not roll shipping costs into the lease. I receive no compensation from the shipping companies I recommend, however, I have used them personally in the past, and with great results. You’re more then welcome to use your own shipping company, and I take no liability for issues you encounter with any shipper.

If your state has a personal property tax, that is not included in my pricing. You are required to file and pay that on your own. Most states do not have this, but some do. All my quotes will include applicable taxes and fees associated with your lease that are required to be retained by the dealership.

****dealer provided delivery is available to most areas of the following states for $100-$600, cheaper if you have a Toyota lease going back. PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, MA, CT, NoVA. If we cannot deliver I can assist you with finding a company that will. Philadelphia is a major hub for many airlines and one way flights here start as low at $30!

You may return your newly leased vehicle and free 25,000 mile maintenance at any Toyota dealer nationwide. Disposition fee is $350-400(bank dependent) for all leases. If you lease a vehicle through the same as your previous lease, this fee can be waived.

Please do not text me for pricing until you’ve driven the vehicles you’re interested in. I provide the spreadsheets below, to guide you with an estimated price

MSDS can only be applied to Toyota financial leases.

No msds for usbank or ally leases.

Ny state is not allowed msds.

Gap insurance is included in usbank and Ally leases. If you’re using Toyota financial (with msds or not) Gap insurance is not included. You can buy it from Toyota for $500, or most insurance companies have it for $2-5/mo (much better options). My quotes never include gap for tfs leases.

**Pease include exactly this in your first text. Then ask any questions:

Exact Vehicle desired (ie tundra sr5 crewmax sport) color and options
Miles per year and term
Approx credit score
Shipping or pickup


PLUS TAX TAGS FEES. Pa ny nj only for affinity bank



can we do security deposits for RAV4 with TFS?

Yes you can! For a baseline, 10msds drop the price about 10-12%


Who’s MBRS?


Members 1st FCU who can lease to anyone in PA, MD or NJ but their core market with dealers is SE PA.


Hi Jim, the 2019 Rav4 XLE for $282/mo, is that a hybrid model? If not, what the monthly for an XLE Hybrid?

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No they’re like 100+ more a month. Don’t really make sense to lease. I can get an accurate number just message me

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No US bank on Tacoma’s? Can you do msds and college grad on TFS Tacoma?

What about Highlander SE?
Thank You

$380 sorry about that that!

Can you confirm if the prices listed for the Highlanders are FWD or AWD?

Can you do msd on a us bank lease with nys ?

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You can not. Only TFS

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Everything is awd/4wd

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Anything interesting on 18/19 Land Cruisers?


What is the residual and mf for the Tacoma double cab sr through members?

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Is shipping an option or pick-up only?

I just want to thank Jim for the 2019 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 5.7 4wd. Didn’t really believe he could get me the deal but I paid the man his $500 fee and he produced 100% I didn’t need this vehicle at all strictly bc of the price is why I leased it. Stupid cheap for $45k msrp truck. Great job Jim thank you. I’ll need 2 more cars in the next few months!!!


You can arrange your own shipping

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What color is that?