APR credit for BMW Financing


Could someone please educate me how this APR credit works? If I plan to buy a BMW X5 XDrive 40i and according to BMW website the APR credit is $2500. Should I put this to taxed incentive in the Hackr calculator?

Thank you for your input.

Are you buying or leasing? If you are buying, why are you using the leasehackr calculator?

If you are leasing, that’s not an incentive for leasing, only for buying.

Thank you for your reply. I am thinking to buy. But also want to use the calculator to see what happen if I lease.

Credit goes away on a lease

No, apr versus leasing credits are different. My cell is in bio, I do bmw via my partner and his dealerships, please reach out if you’d like explanation and our services based out of the NY metro area.

I highly recommend reading leasing 101 in the top right hand corner. It will breakdown the basics of leasing.

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Thank you. I have read the Q&A. I think my question is not clear… I should not put this number in the calculator. I just want to ask if this APR credit is one kind of Incentives. If someday the lease credit is as same as the APR credit, I could use the calculator to compare buying or leasing.

Yes, the “APR Credit” is just an incentive.

BMW could call it a “4th of July Credit,” an “End of Model Year Credit,” a “Buy a BMW Credit” or anything else, at the end of the day it is just a $2,500 incentive available on the purchase of that model.

And the finance incentive does not need to equal the leasing incentive in order to compare buying vs. leasing. That’s not how this works.

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Thank you for the clarification!