Ap(pliance)calypse now? Are they really that hard to get?

I know , I know,semi conductors, foam etc all hard to come by…shortages of many common goods expected to last for a couple of years etc

Looking for real world experience from folks who’ve been trying to buy washers and dryers recently, especially top of the line models.

How has it been in reality?

Can you get the make and model you were hoping for? Lead times crazy? No deals to be had?

Wholesalers better than big box, or is online my best bet? Any go-to online retailers?

Wife has her eye on Miele - personally not a fan…I get to choose the cars, she does the appliances so fair enough trade off.

Appreciate input

Friend of mine has been waiting 6 months on his new stove

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I heard an NPR story on Friday about Black Friday appliances that either had not been delivered, or just recently. Be prepared to wait.

While I haven’t checked lately, may want to take a look on the Ferguson website. Last project I worked on, a pretty nice set of Thermador appliances was ordered from there, though I know Miele is available as well.

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I’m thankful I don’t need kitchen appliances that’s for sure. More people cooking at home etc. Black Friday orders still not being delivered sounds bonkers.

Appreciate the heads up on Ferguson I’ll check that out for sure.

I’m just looking at applianceconnection right now and they have the Miele stuff. Plenty of stock according to the online stock checker.

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Problem appears to be logistics at this juncture, but I can tell you from my birdseye view on SFBay, I have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING like what I’ve been seeing lately. Cargo ship after cargo ship, trucks and trains laden with shipping containers…totally off the hook. Here is marinetraffic outside the Golden Gate…have never seen this before. A few is typical but dozens waiting for berth at Oakland terminals:MarineTraffic: Global Ship Tracking Intelligence | AIS Marine Traffic

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We’re ready to renovate our kitchen and were looking at thermador, vikings and miele appliances but to order and get all matching appliances would take at least 3-6 months with no set time line so we decided to push it back to next year. A lot of home builders are selling new homes without appliances right now. The shortage is real.

Wow that’s an amazing graphic representation of the logistics issues. Thanks for sharing!

So bar pilots are limited, longshoreman are limited, truck parking for loading is limited,etc etc. Takes time for this to shake out.

I see that quandary - if trying to match every appliance throughout- I guess brand loyalty/ consistent look and feel etc will force you to wait it out.

I’m not completely married to any one brand, and only want my washer & dryer to be the same brand for stacking purposes and I guess I want at least those to be consistent as they will be one on top of the other.

Ordered a very basic “garage” fridge in february from costco, just got it before memorial weekend. ship date was delayed three times.

Shortage for appliances especially freezers and refrigerators began right with covid in early 2020

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Our refrigerator died last week.

Our 43rd choice is being delivered today.


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Stuff is tough to get. We waited 6 weeks on matching stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave. Ordered beginning of October 2020 and didn’t get delivered until around November 15th. Don’t want to know what the wait is now. I’d try small mom and pop appliance stores. We have a few in the area (Marsillios in Fairfield, CT) and it has typically been a bit easier to locate appliances then from big box.

you dont want to see how much a
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fridge costs right now

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Bought 5 sets of kitchen appliances this year (average stainless steel for your typical suburban home in a good school district) and 2 sets of washer/dryer. Prices for washer/dryer is a bit higher than normal at the entry level Samsung/LG sets (say $100-$200) but not as bad as the refrigerators. I’ve been seeing 2-4 week lead times for my kitchen appliances (I buy as a set, so could get individual pieces quicker), 1-2 weeks for washer/dryer (assuming you aren’t completely set on one model)

Exclusively was using Costco because of price and free install, but their website sucks and their inventory sucks more. Best Buy has been working out pretty well for me with Home Depot being my back up if Best Buy has serious delays on certain items.

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We caught a good Whirlpool french door during the Memorial day sale. Costco is the way to go if you can FIND anything.


We just bought a washer and dryer set. Top of the line Maytag. Both on order but scheduled to arrive next week. One nice thing about Maytag is they have their normal line and then a line that is sold exclusively to mom/pop shops. These also come with a 5 year warranty and are made of more commercial type parts instead of the standard 1 year. Similar set at lowes was almost 1000 more than we were quoted from our guy.

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Personally use Costco whenever I can for price, cashback, free extended warranty (whenever they have those events going) and install. Interesting thing I found out because the install team for my diswasher were morons and declared that it won’t work in the location where I wanted it, costco will give you $200 bucks credit if their install team can’t do it, so my dishwasher install worked out to -$100 as I only had to give a contractor that was doing other work in my house an extra 100 to shove this thing in.


Here is a “fun” image as far as who makes what and how.


the image is from 2016 so things could have changed.