Anyone want to see a Maserati Invoice?

It’s old - but here goes.


The dealer price is a full 9% off MSRP the base price. Not bad to start with…

No wonder our $488 deals were on base cars with no options because the manufacturer was giving the biggest discount off the base price of the car…Options were barely discounted at the dealer level.

10% invoice and 10% holdbacks 5 to 10% of floorplan and volume, so a dealer really has 20-25% off MSRP to play with :slight_smile:

There is definitely not 10% holdback on a Maserati.

The volume bonus programs suck too.

Fiat has an ultra lean system with Maserati.

Edit: i’m just going to expand on this.

HB on a Mercedes is like 3% of BASE MSRP. That doesn’t count, that they’ve paid some of that into their floorplan costs.

Volume bonus isn’t some major jump in money. It’s tiered and pays differently, depending on the vehicle.

You guys see a TRAX selling for $1000 total loss and think they’ll make it up… what if volume only pays $500 on it? It probably only does that if they hit their max number too. What happens if they miss it and it’s only a $200 payout per unit?

Can they keep selling at that price? $500 loss per copy x 10 = $5000 in money they have to find elsewhere.

The referral from GMF isn’t even making a dent in that.

You find me a brand with 25% markup and I’ll work there tomorrow. I’d be Mark Cuban inside of 10 years.


Here is a more recent invoice.

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The wood trim is $2,800???


Ok, lets say I am a new Maserati saleman. I sell a unit at MSRP $100,000. How much commission should I expect?

I also assume different dealers pay their sales force differently, so just generally speaking.

I was going to ask a similar question as Adam had. I know some dealerships just pay salary to their sales team (at least in Canada on some brands I believe). I would think that high end brands such as Maserati, Porsche, etc would either have that or a hybrid of sorts which combined salary + commissions, primarily because it is such a niche offering. Would I be correct in saying that?

Everystore pays differently.

There is rarely a metric across all stores.

Does anyone have invoice info on all 3 models and trim levels for 2019?

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Also wouldn’t mind seeing that. Or any other potentially relevant info. Working on finding a ghibli as we speak.

You can go on edmunds or truecar to find that info.

ummm Porsche has that amount of profit built in for the manufacturer. The dealership on the other hand…

“According to Bloomberg , Porsche rakes in $23,000 on every new car it sells. That’s better than anyone else in the vast VW Group, including Bentley. Even when factoring in Lamborghini, Audi only pulled in $5,200 per car, which is still a margin of 10%.”

They dont have that info. I should know I work for TrueCar…LOL

Then how do you explain this:

That was my mistake. I meant to say for 2020 models not 2019.

That was a 2020 330. Here is a link:

I’m not looking for a 3 series. I know TrueCar has invoice numbers. I’m looking for the invoice number for the Maserati like I stated before they do not have it.

Did you lease. Ghibli? Thanks

Not yet. Couldn’t find any dealer in my region who would deal, unfortunately. Might be better now that we’re nearing year end? Tempted to check again.