Anyone successful leasing a Kia Niro EV in SoCal for under $300?

I keep seeing these great NJ Niro deals posted in the forums. I live in the L.A. area and am looking for an electric crossover for my daughter. Really love the Niro EV for her. Checks all the boxes. If anyone knows a SoCal dealership that is willing to deal, please share. Thanks so much!

Check marketplace and shared deal posts
One example…

Well in all honesty that’s really about $374

I don’t know if I’m allowed to advertise as one of their recent customers, but I had luck recently working with them on a 2021 Niro EV EX lease that ended up <$300/mo for 36/10. That’s before CVRP (which is currently on wait-list FYI). Straight forward working with them. I’d recommend keeping an eye on their marketplace listings.

Keep in mind this was July and not sure what manufacturer incentives for August are doing. Also, other Socal Kia marketplace brokers were pretty close to the $300/mo range during that time too, so you can also keep an eye on them.

Very happy with the Niro - feature packed and fun to drive. The loud AF reverse pedestrian warning sound is the only downside IMO…

Watch the video (not the one where she takes off the bumper), but it’s not that hard to turn off.

It’s totally on my to do list haha! Figured I’d give it a month but now I’m over it. So dumb on Kia’s part making it louder than a delivery van backing up.

I also have the Hyundai Kona version (as well as the Kia Niro) and the Niro is the WORST. OMG I used to drive a utility truck and it brings back the nightmares.

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Which do you prefer between the Kona and Niro EV? I have driven both and the Kona seems to be a softer, more car-like ride, while the Niro feels sportier and has a slicker design profile. Curious also as to which vehicle you get a better deal on?

You are correct in your evaluation of the 2 cars (Except reversed). Even though they are practically the same company, the cars are a bit different.

Kia (EX Premium):

  • Feels like a Honda Accord ride soft, and a steady (Not really comparing to Honda, but it’s for this list.
  • Acceleration is mostly not noticable as you punch the pedal.
  • Has a better infotainment cluster, it’s integrated into the dash.
  • come with Adaptive Cruise…so nice
  • App is slightly better as it tells you when you have left the car unlocked.
  • Cost : $341 Month $2000 DAS (Nov 2020)
  • Roof Rails (For those of you who like those)

Kona (Limited):

  • Feels like a Honda civic, very sporty ride and corners like it’s on rails. (Don’t tell my wife how I know this), you feel the acceleration.
  • Infotainment is a weird jutting out display like someone glued an Ipad onto the Dash.
  • Seats are harder, even though they have the the same ‘pleather’ type.
  • Limited rear seating, but a better trunk.
  • $208 Month $495 DAS. (Feb 2021)

So now that I wrote it down, it does feel like a Civic vs Accord Comparison. But as you can see, the Kia is running me $175 more than the Hyundai.

Edit : I forgot I put $2k on the Kia, dang

Wow, that’s quite a price difference. Thanks so much for the comparison. And nice deal on the Kona!

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Yah the Kona was one of those, OMG, I don’t need a car for 6 months, but I can’t pass up the price. And 6 months later, you can’t even get a car for the price of my Kia…hehe

What was your DAS and money factor?

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