Anyone score some great deals in Seattle lately i'm overwhelmed

its insane … i bin scouting around for the last month and a half for a good deal on a awd … base models and nothing good … just got back got a alfa stelvio quote 551$ 2000$ down base model … jeep compass insane 480$ base model ,…want to stay under maybe 250 … but would go higher but not this high …309$ for a cx5 …

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Seattle is not a great market for lease deals…you may need to expand your search (Portland, etc.) I got a pretty good deal on a Subaru Forester in April fwiw

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thanks yah thats what i noticed that only subaru has good rates… could you share some info pls… im like …on my last mile …i would go even to portland no problem …

Well what are you looking for in terms of info? I can gladly give you the contact info the salesperson I worked with on my Forester if that’s what you’d like. Other than that, I would need some more info about what you’re looking for.

that would be awesome thanks

would you recommend and model in particular? they are all the same for me…

That’s really broad…I think your best bet is going to be to narrow down your choices and start grinding on 5 or 6 cars in particular.

thanks … i will check them out tomorrow

Just started looking myself for my MIL. As far as Jeep… isn’t there currently a $229/month
36 month offer for the COMPASS LATITUDE 4X4 manual? Looks like an extra $30 for automatic.

customer service sucks … the people i spoke with lately is like i am doing them a favor… was in kirkland and the guy said around 450 something… dont even like the brand anyway but…still

2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus 4x4 $3700 DAS $114 36/10 This deal is around $220/month plus tax if you were to roll the $3700 DAS into the monthly

What didn’t you like about the compass? Or are you just not a fan of the brand in general?

I think conventional wisdom is don’t just walk into a dealership, you want to deal directly with the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager via email or over the phone.

i did that with the brands i really liked… this was just curiosity

that sounds like a pretty good deal

as written $3700 for 114+tax or $220 with zero down in Seattle for a 19 Jeep Cherokee Latitude.

thanks that was helpful

Highlanders can be had sub $400. Someone posted a deal the other day from the PNW that was $378 for an XLE and I believe he said it was roughly $350 with max MDs.

Michaels in Bellevue will do $1k under invoice with minimal effort.

Did you get this deal yet my wife likes it if nothing else pops up … maybe we could go in for the kill together maybe to get a better deal

If you’re considering the Latitude, might want to test drive at kirland (or whatever dealership wasted your time). The quote looks to be for a 4 cylinder (based on MSRP) and sounds like they are pretty sluggish.

@jamiemose nailed it - Subaru’s right now are the best deals. If you’re watching closely towards the holidays you may be able to nail down a BMW/Mercedes loaner down in Portland in your budget.

If you can drive a manual, may be able to get a Civic Si in your budget as well.

CJDR Seattle has the most aggressive pricing on Jeeps in the area, but even over email are brutal to deal with. May be able to get a low-level Cherokee with the NA 4-cyl in your budget, but I certainly would’t want that.

Personally? I’d be looking for a Subaru Crosstrek, Honda Civic Si, or a loaner MB C class with this kind of budget in Seattle.

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