Anyone score an epic deal on "The Last Day"?

We had some hype earlier from a couple guys on this forum that 12/31 would be a day to score epic deals on a car*

Anyway, AFAIK most brands’ Decembers programs (and therefore likely their fiscal year) ended as per usual on the Tuesday following calendar month end, i.e. today, Jan 3rd.

Either way, did anyone score an epic deal on either 12/31 or 1/3 or in between? Or at least something better than what was being reported here over the last few weeks?

*and that the date falling on a Saturday made it almost a ‘once in a lifetime’ event :rolling_eyes:

On 12/31 I leased a 2016 Buick Encore FWD. The MSRP was 25K. I used sales pricing, lease conquest, Costco, and Farmers. The lease was for 39 months with 12K miles. $1000 down. The payment with sales tax is $154.

The guys who scored the epic deal are too busy celebrating. One person reported a great deal on 2016 328i in Austin where apparently the dealership sold 50 cars on that day. So that is epic in terms of volume, but not sure if it was the once in a lifetime event or just the end of month/quarter shenanigans.

Congrats! Did you start your search earlier…and get any sense that 12/31 brought any sense of urgency?

Yup, this December already had some great deals being reported, and obviously end of month/quarter could sweeten the pot a little bit. I’m curious if anything lived up to the hype of further massive discounts, dealers eating negative equity, etc etc?