Anyone remember a M8 for $1,179?

Does anyone remember the recent deal where the m8 was going for $1,179? Im having a hard time finding the post, been searching the entire day.

I’ve been trying to see how he was able to do those numbers. My friend works for a local bmw and he couldn’t believe the numbers so I wanted to send him the breakdown.

Or if anyone knows the numbers that would be more helpful. Thank you!

I haven’t seen that low.

I’m at 1085 on it.



I took a screenshot last time.

@nyclife you have that offer or you are offering that ?

I’ll be damned…

Yes view my spreadsheet for all the details

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My oh my that’s nuts. Just out of curiosity, what’s a ballpark range on an M850 Gran Coupe? Full disclosure I am located in LA but I am just curious what those could go for in your area. Hoping I can get a good deal on one of those at some point this year given it’s now the awkward “middle” tier 8 series between the 840s and M8s. The M850 is plenty of car for me!

Don’t have any sorry!

Both M8’s are gone.
Discount was 35k or ~ 22.3% off

Yes that is. I appreciate it !


I think you may have missed the point of the criticism in this thread.

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Exactly. Every time there is a new model or a redesign, there are a bunch of people willing to pay more to have it right now. Most of the my commissions comes off these cars and its what keeps the business open. But even at $1799, it is not the worst M8 deal I have seen.

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Back to the topic at hand

Yes. Dreamer prices on cars people drool over. Proceed!