Anyone recently trade-in a vehicle towards a new lease and

At the dealer paid taxes on the full purchase amount of the lease? (quite normal)

Then… checked your registration and saw that the amount of taxes paid to the DMV did not match what you paid at the dealer (as in, what was paid was dramatically lower like the Lessor took the tax break and didn’t pass it on to you).

It doesn’t matter if the trade-in was a lease or purchase.

I read a few stories of this happening to people and wondering if anyone here experienced this.

I’d think you will get a check back. No one wants to mess with taxes. What state, btw? And where do you see sales tax amount paid on your registration? Do you mean registration fees?

NY State? They show tax paid on the bottom of the reg receipt if it’s a deal coming from another state.

Must be VA, MD or TX where you paid tax on the selling price. Or maybe I’m missing something here…

I guess you may be right, though.

State is TX.

When you get your first registration in the mail (the dealer takes care of registering it etc) the figures are at the lower right of the reg. All the info is there including trade-in. Pretty cool actually. I redacted the numbers but here’s a pic of one my purchases and then a lease. As you can see, trade in allowance exists for both purchase and lease:

This was a purchase:

This was a lease:

No you’re right but I haven’t leased with a trade yet. Getting ready to though and gathering info…

In the case of a purchase, yes. In the case of a lease though, probably not. The DMV would have gotten the correct taxes from the Lessor so they’d be out of the picture. So the scenario I’m inquiring about would be the dealer requiring you to pay tax on full purchase price at time of leasing but with a trade. When you have a trade you should be getting the trade-in credit passed on to you, which is up to the buyer to rectify with the dealer/Lessor etc.

So just gathering info to see if this happened to anyone and how they mitigated it…

Why did you redact the numbers? Wasn’t the whole point of your post based on the numbers? :exploding_head:

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I see. I believe there was the same question recently. @derekoh1991, I think, answered it - you don’t get credit.

No the Lessee doesn’t get the credit. The Lessor would and that should be passed on to you up front. Texas offers the trade-in credit to the purchase price of a vehicle regardless of purchase or leasing.

But as you mentioned this isn’t about who gets the credit as it’s been asked before.

This thread is asking for people who have experience with paying too much taxes to a dealer then finding out the Lessor of their lease paid less and didn’t get a refund.

Actually no. This thread is not about numbers. It’s about those who experienced what I originally posted…