Anyone noticing residuals dropping 4-6% in septemeber

Everything I’ve checked numbers on…alfas, Subaru’s, vw, Toyota. They have all dropped this month like 5%. Has anyone seen this before? Sign of impending market doom perhaps? I’m know I’m still new to this, afterall, I don’t even pack a lunch each day. But I’m asking the guys that have been around awhile…seems bmw, Benz stayed about the same but the rest are dropping hard.

Programs change all the time. Not unusual at all.

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2019 outback, just came out. Dropped 5% this month. Seems odd. I can see a point or 2. Also haven’t seen anything go up

It happens. Captive rates all depend upon where the business focus is and appetite for loss.

@RVguy has lots of great posts worth reading about the setting of residual.

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Thanks I’ll check them out. I just thought it was odd that they’ve dropped across the board, considering these are all separate banking arms