Anyone interested in BMW M track day?

I signed up for a half day BMW M track day but might not be able to attend.

Called them and they allow transfer to a different name.

PM me if you are interested. It’s $495. Saturday Oct 12th, 8am-1pm, lunch included. That weekend is sold out.
Location: Thermal, California

If I wasn’t dealing with a broken wing, I would totally be interested in this and have the air miles to burn LOL!

I got invited to this for free, including hotel stay. Didn’t go.

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How’d you get an invite for free? I only went couple years back when they were allowing free sign ups for the 2 hour sessions. Would love to go again.

I’d BE Interested but, best I can do it $200.

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Not sure , other than I have an i3 lease .

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Shout out to @ysquared2

Went to the event today. It was a blast. Drove M2, M4, M5, M850i, X3M, X4M.

The M2 was a fantastic drive, and the M5 was surprisingly capable. I felt the X3M and X4M had substantial turbo lag, not sure if they felt 500 HP strong. Could have been getting hot after an extended flogging, I suppose. But I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be with them.

Overall a great event and I def recommend for any gear heads. BMW does a nice job of hosting with a spectacular venue. Better than the Porsche Driving Experience imo.



1st gen M cars are plagued with different issues.

That’s why we lease and that’s why we take loaners when it’s time to go to the workshop.

yeah, I meant performance issues lol.