Anyone here have problems getting the MSDs (multiple security deposits) back?

I know MSDs pay back a hefty return on investment.

It is almost too good to be true.

I am curious - do the leasing companies make us jump through hoops to get our money back?

Or, has anyone totaled their lease car and still get all their MSDs back?

You sir are asking the tough questions. I haven’t kept a car long enough that I’ve had MSDs to talk about the refund process. I can speak to other people’s experiences with BMWFS which they said is painless. You have to be very patient as it can take up to 30-45 days post-lease turn in to get your money back as they thoroughly assess the car. I do have a car with 7 MSDs due to turn in June 2017 so we’ll see…

So this is the way I understand it:

Typical lessee turns in their car, a dealership does walk-around the car and doesn’t see anything. They pay the disposition fee and walk away.

MSD lessee turns in and doesn’t get a check back pronto because there’s a process to close out the loan, give the dealer the title (assuming they take it into their used car lot) and check for any “extra” wear and tear.

IMO the finance company (BMWFS, MBFS, etc.) has a MUCH higher chance to ding you for lease-end fees because they already have your money. On the other hand traditional leases the finance company has to go after you for the money and the process is much more difficult for them to prove anything since they signed off on turn-in.

Yes, my first grade teacher hated me - always had my hand up asking those, “tough questions” for things she said that made no sense - like there is a dead guy in the clouds we call God.

Exactly what I was thinking.

My gut tells me people with MSDs get screwed somehow.

Even worse, what happens when a leasing company goes bankrupt (or out of business)?

And then there is the issue with GAP insurance. Yes, BMW currently includes GAP, but if a lease does not, I understand the multiple security deposits are used instead!!!

Actually, most dealerships pay off the newly off-leased car and flip it on their used-car lot. (This makes the disposition fee vanish, too from what I understand.)

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Among the captives, one could see something happening to the captive finance arm of a struggling manufacturer like Mitsubishi. But BMW, M-B, Toyota etc are way too invested in the US market to abandon it (and the bankruptcy of their captive finance arm would go a long way toward destroying their US presence).

Even when GM went bankrupt, their captive finco GMAC (now Ally) remained solvent AFAIK.

Of the non-captives, there are dozens if not hundreds of them. Caveat emptor. But I don’t recall seeing any MSD discussions related to non-captives.

AFAIK the inspection process is the same, it’s not like the inspector has a flag on his form that says MSD and check for extra wear/tear. A separate or second process would be too much overhead, esp considering the minuscule uptake rate of MSDs.

If you have damage that cannot be waived, you will pay regardless. Through MSDs or the bill collection process. I doubt anyone interested in leasing again will destroy their credit score over these charges.

Placed a 2500/deposit down and with 3 months remaining totaled the car. I received a check for 1500 from BMW, not sure why yet, but will be inquiring…

Have gotten MSDs back from Infiniti and BMW in the past without a hassle.

I returned 2 BMWs with MSD and it was very easy and quick.

1st car) I rolled the MSD to the new lease contract since I picked up a new car as I was returning the old.
2nd car) At the inspection(3 weeks prior to the return date) dealer told me exactly how much it will cost me. I just had 2 rear tires to replace. On return date, inspector said the same thing, just the 2 tires. I returned the car on 6/22/2018 and on 7/2/2018 I got a direct deposit on my checking account. MSD - 2 tire cost. Very easy!!

To add, I was 10% under mileage so they gave me $250 credit toward my new lease. So on my 2nd payment, I only paid the difference.