Anyone here flipped a 2022 Civic lease or purchase

Many of us on here have taken advantage of positive equity from leases up until recently, but I’m curious about those specifically with the new model 2022 Civic. My first idea was to lease, but with all the markups the payments didn’t make sense. But yesterday I finally snagged a 2022 Civic Si for MSRP plus $1k of add-ons, which was by far the best deal within 500 miles of me (MI). Basically $32k otd with taxes, fees, title, add-ons, etc.

Has anyone flipped one of these yet? I’d like to hear actual stories, as opposed to seeing used 2022 models listed for $38k online.

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My father bought a sport hatch for MSRP(24.7k), VROOM offered 29.5k couple days ago on it. Has 6.3k miles on it. Think it’s safe to say you will make money on the SI

I have a customer who leased a 2020 Civic Si (MSRP $27000)

its been 2 years and 6000 miles since then and he is being offered $27000-$28000 as a trade in value through Honda dealers.

Si’s go for all the money

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